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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Adam Hill
  • Captain's Quote: "Industry and Empire are inseparable, and both profit King and subjects alike."
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  • Captain Adam Hill's aims and goals:
  • Adam Hill's friends and family:
  • Captain's Log

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Captain Adam Hill's background and information



Captain Adam Hill

Full name: Adam Hill

Age of joining the Navy: ??

Current Age: ??

Reason for Joining the Royal Navy: Type Your Answer Here!

Captain’s Personality and Traits: Type Your Answer Here!

Captain’s Quote: " Type Your Answer Here!" –Captain’s Name

Professional Aims and Goals: Type Your Answer Here!

Family and Colleagues

Alt 1 - Type Ian Norsedane, Naval Officer (Brother-in-Law)

Alt 2 - Type

Record of Achievement

Enlistment Date - Enlisted in the squadron on October 9, 1722

Notable action

Under Review

Character Biography

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Current Commission(s) of Captain

  • HMS ShipName

Ships at Sea, Alts

Economic Ties

Alt Name, Business Partner

  • Lot, Town
  • Lot, Town
  • Lot, Town
  • Lot, Town

Second Alt Name, Business Associate

  • Lot, Town
  • Lot, Town
  • Lot, Town
  • Lot, Town

Port Battle Record

Records prior to “Join Date Here” were lost as the result of enemy attack

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
None Date Here Attack or Defend FRANCE.JPG Enemy Name Victory Status HMS Ship Used Captain