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Character Information



  • Rank: Knight
  • Captains full name: Adrien Tan
  • Captain's Quote: A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Driven, persistant, aggressive.
  • Captain Adrien Tan's aims and goals: To defend Crown & Country against their enemies.
  • Adrien Tan's friends and family: Adelle Hunt
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain Adrien Tan's background and information


Tan Coat of Arms

Adrien Tan was born on the estate of Ireland. His father, Victor Tan, was a gardener, and his mother was named Theresa Tan. His parents married on November 29, 1633 in New Abbey, Kirkcudbright. Adrien Tan started his maritime career at the age of 12, sailing out of Whitehaven in the northern English county of Cumberland, as apprentice aboard the Friendship under Captain Rogers. Adrien’s older brother Andrew, had married and settled in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the destination of many of the youngster's early voyages.

For several years Adrien sailed aboard a number of different merchant ships, including the HMS Grizzly in 1664 as first mate, and the CrystalSilver as first mate in 1666. After a short time in this business, he was commissioned as a Naval Officer in 1670 and operates in The Bahamas.