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Captains full name: Aidan Pryde

Age of joining the Navy: 18

Current Age: 34

Reason for joining the RN: Aidan was conscripted into the Navy while working on the docks in Dublin. Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Aidan is a hot headed Irishman who will not back down from any fight. He will do what he has to do to sink any of His Majesties enemies on the Open seas or while defending/attacking a port.

Captains Quote: Damn the captains who do not have the courage to stand and fight, just let them tuck there tails and be the cowardly dogs they are.

Your captains aims and goals: Conquer all of the Carribean for the British and damn the consequences.

Friends and Family

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Anton Pryde - Freetrader Anton is the younger brother of Aidan, who upon reaching his 17th birthday started sailing with a freetrader captain to find out what had happened to his older brother. His treks took him all over the Carribean where he finally managed to locate his brother in the illustrious Saint George Squadron. He is very happy about finding his older brother and a new home in the SGS.

Arianna Pryde - Freetrader

Benedict Pryde - Naval Officer

Record of Achievement

  • 1720 - Enlisted in the squadron

Background Story

Aidan was put aboard a ship at he age of 18 after being conscripted into the navy from Dublin. He was sent to the Carribean where he has fought Pirates, French scoundrels, and the Spanish dons. He got his own ship after a group of pirates decided to board the vessel he was stationed on, his captain was killed in the boarding actions but the courageous Aidan manage to rally the rest of the crew and defeat the pirates. By consent from the crew for his valiant efforts he was given the Captaincy of his first vessel.