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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Captain Alexander James Ramage, RN
  • Captain's Quote: Forever Bold.
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Honourable, Strategic, Aggressive, and Proper
  • Captain Alexander Ramage's aims and goals: To gain renown in serving King and Country
  • Alexander Ramage's friends and family:
  • [ Captain's Log]

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Captain Alexander Ramage's background and information

Ramage Arms 1.png

Early Life

Born on February 7th 1691, Alexander James Ramage was the 2nd son of a wealthy Falmouth Trader, his father wasn't the warmest person in the world and was always drilling life skills into his two sons, when he was 8 years old tragedy hit and Alexander's entire family died from the yellow-jack, luckily Alexander escaped from it unharmed, he was taken in by his uncle Captain James Ramage; RN, and was raised by his Aunt while his uncle was at sea, at the age of 12 he was taken in on board his uncles frgate the HMS Dido as a Midshpman.

Naval Career

Taken on board his uncles ship in 1703, Alexander found that a life at sea fit him and was fast to take on the trade. Alexander became well liked by the crew proving to be fair and treating his men well. On July 17th, 1710 the Dido engaged the French Frigate Périlleux, during the boarding action Alexander led a small party of men and took the helm of the enemy frigate. For his bravery he was made an Acting-Lieutenant. A year later in 1711 after his 20th birthday, Alexander set in on his Examination and passed being commissioned as a Lieutenant. He was posted to the 16 gunned sloop of war Sparrow under Captain Edward Dowe as 2nd Lieutenant which was being sent out to the West Indies.

While serving on board the Sparrow Alexander partook in many actions and rising to First Lieutenant in 1718 after the previous one died of fever while on liberty. A couple years later in 1720 Alexander was assigned command of the Brig Albatross and was sent back across to the European Continent to chase after French and Dutch Smugglers. A short Peace was signed a couple months later and Captain Ramage was put on Half pay.

After a year spent on half pay due to not having much influence Alexander in 1721 was sent back out to see in command of the light frigate Trident and retained command of her serving in the Mediterranean for the next 5 years. In 1726 he took command of the Frigate Artemis and was sent to the Indian Ocean to protect British Shipping and spent the next 3 years sailing back and forth from Britain and the Indian Ocean escorting East India convoys. In 1729 he was given command of the Third Rate Renown and was sent back to the Mediterranean where he spent the next year on Patrol duty. Finally in 1731 Alexander was assigned command of the 43 year old 1st Rate Duke William and was sent to the West Indies assigned to the St. George Squadron of the White where he is currently serving.

Record of Achievement

  • August 11th 1731 - Joined the St. George Squadron of the White.
  • September 1st 1731 - Styled an Esquire in the St. George Squadron of the White.
  • November 10th 1731 - Appointed Inspector General for the current Map for the St. George Squadron of the White.


Current Commission

  • HMS Balmoral - 92 Gun "Trinity" Second Rate Ship of the Line

Reserve Commissions

Previous Commissions

  • HMS Albatross- 12 Gun "Van Hoorn" Snow

Record of Critical Actions While Serving with the St. George Squadron of the White

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
St John's November 3rd, 1731 Defense SPAIN.JPG Victory HMS Renown Captain, Line
West End August 18th, 1732 Defense FRANCE.JPG Defeat HMS Ardent Captain, Line
Nassau August 18th, 1732 Defense PIRATE.JPG Victory HMS Dumbarton Captain, Line