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Character Information



  • Rank: Knight
  • Captains full name: Captain Sir Alistair James Pellew, KB, RN
  • Captain's Quote: "Firstly you must always implicitly obey orders, without attempting to form any opinion of your own regarding their propriety. Secondly, you must consider every man your enemy who speaks ill of your king; and thirdly you must hate a Frenchman as you hate the devil." - Lord Nelson
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Confident, forgiving, cynical yet kind.
  • Captain Alistair Pellew's aims and goals: To serve the Crown and the Squadron
  • Alistair Pellew's friends and family:
  • Captain's Log

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Captain Alistair Pellew's background and information

The Pellew Family (IN PROGRESS)

The Pellew Family can trace it’s heritage as far as 1066, when, having successfully served William I throughout his subjugation of England, Gabriel Dari Pelleau (as the family name was styled then) was awarded the style of Portsman of the Cinque Port of Hastings, Sussex with such a title deeming Gabriel to be a baron and thus, a member of the peerage.

As barons of Hastings, the Pellew’s successfully assisted in the ship-building functions of the port town, allowing the town to develop it’s stake as a key Cinque Port, eventually signifying it as the ‘Head Port’. The Pellew’s key responsibilities as a baron of Hastings revolved around their family’s forestry business. Given the growth of Royal Forests and creation of further forest charters following the Norman invasion, which prohibited many rights afforded to persons operating in such areas, this was a lucrative opportunity for the family when combined with their other ventures.

In 1396, Guy Pelleau inherited the estates of the family. It was not unheard of for Guy to engage in corrupt practices, turning a blind eye to smuggling, furthering his economical position. However, despite a successful appearance, Guy had run the financial position of the Pellew family into great debts, having to resort to extensive borrowing. Their position was such that at the end of 1398, Henry V received word of Guy’s exploits from his fellow Portsmen, and stripped the the Pellew’s of the dignities and styles afforded to them. The majority of the family were subsequently imprisoned in Fleet Prison for debt and later perished from disease and starvation.

It was not until half a century later that Edward Benedict Pellew, nephew to Guy Pelleau, having escaped to Alderney was able to build up the necessary funds to clear the family name of their debts. With the debts cleared, Edward returned to England and settled in Belsay, Northumberland where the family continued to live without further scandal.

Alistair Edward William George Pellew

Alistair was born in 1698 to Jane and James Pellew, a Captain in the East India Company. Owing to his father’s career, from a young age Alistair took to the seas with his father as a deck hand. It was here that Alistair found an attraction for the sea and aptly learnt the basics of seamanship. Alistair continued to serve aboard his father's ship, the Needletail, until the age of 10.

Then, with the assistance his father's connections, Alistair found his place as a midshipman on HMS Portland. It was aboard the Portland that Alistair saw action against the Coventry, which successfully resulted in her recapture. Alistair remained aboard the Portland until his opportunity for a lieutenancy arose. On his first attempt he failed the exam, however 6 months later when his chance came again, he succeeded. It was not long after his confirmation as a Lieutenant that Alistair was given command of the 12 Gun Unrated Ship HMS Pride of the Weald, to serve under Rear Admiral Sir Hovenden Walker of the Jamaica Station.

Over time, Alistair found some success against pirates operating in the area and, eventually, attained his post-captaincy with command of the HMS Indefatigable. It was not longer after this that Alistair found himself, having been attracted by a poster outsider the Governor’s Residence, applying for transfer to the Saint George Squadron of the White.

William Henry Pellew

William Henry Pellew grew up without much of a father figure given his father's long absences in service of His Majesty in the Squadron. He often heard tales of his father's exploits, reading about British success at sea, and particularly enjoyed spending his father's prize money. His fathers values of service, humility and dedication were all very apparent in the young William, despite their limited contact. It was almost a certainty that William would follow his father's footsteps into the Royal Navy; and, as was to be expected, William found himself rated Midshipman aboard the HMS Resolution under the command of Captain Henry Speke during his adolescence as a courtesy to his father. Aboard the Resolution, William partook in the Battle of Quiberon Bay in 1759, with the Resolution taking great success in accepting the surrender of the French Formidable. William was aboard the ship later that night of the Battle when the Resolution ran aground and was demasted as a result.

Upon return to England, William was delivered the news that his father had died of consumption, sometime during the Battle of Quiberon Bay.

Incensed by the behaviour and attitudes found aboard His Majesty's ships and further enraged by his father's sudden death, William never returned to the Navy. Instead, staying in Kent and using what remained his allowance, he purchased an Ensign's commission in the 3rd Regiment of Foot. William promptly found himself joining the Regiment during the Seven Years' War, where he joined the assault on Belle Île and later the Battle for Valencia de Alcántara. It was during these battles that William found he had an (not so unique in the Army) clear ability to find goods of wealth and sneak them away from their rightful owners, steadily growing his own fortune.

William met his love, Alexandria, after returning to England from the War and promptly married her. William remained in service of the King despite the limited opportunity for action with his regiment, until he was later killed in a duel with an officer who had made certain remarks about William's wife.

Alistair James Pellew

Alistair James Pellew, grew up in the family's modest property, built out of the successes of Alistair's grandfather in the West Indies, and that of his father's less-noble 'rehoming' of certain 'goods' during his service with the 3rd Regiment of Foot. Like his father, he grew up without any male figurehead and had to find very quickly his own way in life. Alistair was fortunate, however, to find assistance from his Grandfather's and Father's former shipmates. With the use of these familial contacts, his mother sent him off to serve aboard HMS Romney, thus beginning his naval career.

Dates of Significance

  • March 31st, 1725 - Alistair Edward William George Pellew volunteered for the Saint George Squadron of the White and entered onto the rolls as a Patronage Officer.
  • April 15th, 1725 - Alistair Edward William George Pellew promoted to Esquire.
  • September 28th, 1725 - Alistair Edward William George Pellew appointed Chief of Naval Personnel for Map 63 through By-Election.
  • November 2nd, 1725 - Alistair Edward William George Pellew appointed Chief of Naval Personnel for Map 64.
  • December, 1725 - Alistair Edward William George Pellew appointed Chief of Naval Personnel for Map 65.
  • January 27, 1727 - Alistair Edward William George Pellew retired from the Squadron.
  • July 23, 1819 - Alistair James Pellew called to service and begins his patronage period with the Squadron.
  • August 1, 1819 - Alistair James Pellew completes his patronage period and is entered into the roster as Captain Alistair James Pellew Esquire, Royal Navy.
  • August 7, 1819 - Alistair James Pellew appointed Chief of Naval Personnel for the third quarter of the year 1819.
  • September 1, 1819 - Sir Alistair James Pellew dubbed a Knight Companion of the Honourable Order of the Bath.
  • October 1, 1819 - Sir Alistair James Pellew elected to the Society Council as Chief of Society Personnel

Honours and Arms


Alistair Pellew Arms 01.jpeg
Coat of Arms of Captain Alistair James Pellew Esquire Coat of Arms of Captain Sir Alistair James Pellew, KB


CNP KB Pellew.jpg
Certificate conferring Grant of the Dignity of a Knight Companion of the Honourable Order of the Bath.

Commands Held

Alistair James Pellew (NA)

Active Command

  • HMS Astraeus - 64 Gun Agamemnon 4th Rate

Ready Flotilla

  • HMS Conqueror - 50 Gun "Trincomalee" 5th Rate
  • HMS Resolute - 46 Gun "Pandora" 5th Rate
  • HMS Peregrine - 34 Gun "Hercules" 5th Rate
  • HMS Hippocampus - 20 Gun "Le Gros Ventre" 5th Rate
  • HMS Velox - 26 Gun "Rattlesnake Heavy" 6th Rate

Reserve Fleet

  • HMS Astraeus - 64 Gun Agamemnon 4th Rate
  • HMS Velox - 26 Gun "Rattlesnake Heavy" 6th Rate
  • HMS Rochester - 22 Gun "Snow" 6th Rate
  • HMS Pelican - 22 Gun "Trader Snow" 6th Rate

Alistair Edward William George Pellew (PotBS)

Active Command

  • HMS King George - 72 Gun "Wenden" Third Rate Ship of the Line

Ready Flotilla

  • HMS Pegasus - 32 Gun "Gallant" Fifth Rate Naval Frigate
  • HMS Pride of the Weald - 12 Gun "van Hoorn Snow" Unrated Ship
  • HMS Neptune - 12 Gun "van Hoorn Snow" Unrated Ship
  • HMS Atropus - 8 Gun "Bermuda Sloop" Unrated Ship

Reserve Fleet

  • HMS Indefatigable - 30 Gun "Stralsund" Fifth Rate Frigate
  • HMS Transit - 8 Gun "Bermuda Sloop" Unrated Ship
  • HMS Sloop of Chester 8 Gun "Bermuda Sloop" Unrated Ship
  • HMS Kent 6 Gun "La Belle Light Corvette" Unrated Ship
  • HMS Invincible - 6 Gun "Renard Chasse-Maree" Unrated Ship

Port Battle Records

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Ship Role
Xpu Ha August 6th, 1819 Assault Neutral Victory HMS Conqueror Captain in the Port Battle Fleet
Puerto Escondido September 11th, 1819 Defence Pirates Defeat HMS Conqueror Captain in the Screening Fleet
George Town September 12th, 1819 Defence Russian Empire Defeat HMS Conqueror Captain in the Screening Fleet