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Character Information



  • Rank: Viscount
  • Captains full name: Lord Angus Beers, 1st Viscount Beers of Hinkley and Higham Hall, KBKG
  • Captain's Quote: "The Wind is Always on the Backs of the Ablest Sailors"
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Aggresive, Stubborn, Drunkard, Outstanding Mariner
  • Captain Angus Beers's aims and goals: To guide my ship and her crew to glorious victory for the British Crown.
  • Angus Beers's friends and family: Angie Beers, Angus Biers, Angus Beirs
  • Captain's Log

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Captain Angus Beers's background and information


Angus Beers grew up as a deckhand aboard a British Merchant vessel that traded with Alexandria. It was always a perilous journey through the North African pirate gauntlet and sure enough it caught up with young Mr Beers as he was press ganged by Tangerian Pirates called the Sea Devils. He spent months in a dungeon before blind luck found him back on the deck of ship, but it was no merchant flute. Beers was handed a cutlass and a pistol as all other able men in the area for a trip to the Carrib. No one returned from this journey for as soon the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico hit their hull the Corsairs were heavily out-gunned by the local Pirate clan. Press-Ganged again into a clan that fortunatly spoke Beers' native language, the Crimson Blade were quickly impressed with Beers' sailhandling. These skills kept him in good sted with his captors throughout his life. The Blade went on for years plundering the Carribean and even crossing swords with the Saint George Squadron on several occasion. Beers mastered the black ships and moved on to lead his own Pirate Clan, the Nine Winds. Proffesional thieves and murderers these captains were. In those days Beers was know as Podgourney, and he could be lurking behind anyone at any given moment without anyone being the wiser. He mastered the stealth arts and caught numerous ships of the line as prize in small 18 gun Barque, known as The Streak in the Night. This ship was part of a piranah pack and there were few that got away. His ambition unquenched Beers put away his cutlass for the finer rapier and approached the Crown as a simple Freetrader interested in fighting for her colonies in the West Indies. The first mission he recieved was to defend a poor port in the southern Yucatan. Beers gathered a rag-tag group of local Captains but they were not enough to stop the Spanish Armada. British ports were set ablaze for months and months, Beers lost ship after ship, crew after crew, never did he quit. Faced by the black flag he formerly sailed under he is unwavering in defence of the Crown and her possessions. Beers has currently attended 200 major maneuvers for possession or defence of Ports. Set to command the fleet as Admiral or Rear Admiral during the majority of these Battles, Beers has proved himself quite the sailhandler.
Beers Coat of Arms
Higham Hall of County Leicestershire