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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Annerose Pendragon
  • Captain's Quote: "Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness; benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness"
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Organized (Crew unrest reduced 50%), Creative (+2 Good Laughs per conversation)
  • Captain Annerose Pendragon's aims and goals: {A unreadable scribble is written here, followed up with more scribbles evidently editing the earlier scribble}
  • Annerose Pendragon's friends and family: Kraft Lawrence
  • Captain's Log

Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain Annerose Pendragon's background and information

{Records are incomplete at this time}

  • 1697?~1699? - Born at ???? to William Pendragon {Family, Location, Wealth unknown}
  • 1713 - Pressed into Naval Service (?) {Records indicate service on the Corvette HMS Longcast as maintenance, dubious sources}
  • 1713 Summer (July?) - Records indicate an attack of self defense against a Midshipman. Board of Inquiry records are incomplete, requested copies from main branch; unknown time to delivery
  • 1717 Winter (November?) - Application to His Majesty's Royal Navy. Application approved based on ??? (Incomplete). Enlisted Rank Unknown (Records sealed?)
  • 1720 24th April - Assigned to HMS Light Track as a Midshipman, journey to Caribbean to assist Naval Forces in the localized area of Bartica.
  • 1720 5th September - HMS Light Track reports in, Assigned to general anti-pirate activities in the Bartica/Georgetown region. Serves dutifully, if without much glory.
  • 1721 6th February - Assigned First mate of HMS Light Track due to death; unknown cause/reason. Records were lost in a pirate attack on October 1st, 1722.

Currently Assigned Ships

  • HMS Absolute - 54-gun 'Mercy' Naval Frigate, rigged for speed and reload. Stationed at Port Royal for general Privateer combat.
  • HMS Joyeuse - 52-gun 'Deliverance' Heavy Naval Frigate, rigged for reload and damage. Stationed at Port Royal for general Privater combat.
  • HMS Hrunting - 64-gun 'Mordaunt' sleek Fourth Rate, rigged for brawling. Stationed at Nassau for general pirate hunting.

Time line of events

  • Februrary 2nd, 1723 - Extended Shore Leave for studying and paperwork duties
  • February 1st, 1723 - Graciously received a chance at Squadron Secretary
  • January 15th, 1723 - HMS Hrunting stationed at Nassau for general anti-pirate activity
  • January 7th, 1723 - Returned to Active Duty
  • November 13th, 1722 - Extended Shore Leave to take care of private matters.
  • November 5th, 1722 - Battle at Tampa, 6 British ships (HMS Hrunting, A 'Wenden' Class Third, Frigates) Assaulted 3 Spanish Freetraders. Arrived as reinforcements with two Frigates. Wenden and two frigates lost to sustained kiting from Freetraders. The reinforcement group manages to sink a Freetrader before retreating due to losses. One of the surviving Freetraders comments on the good fight and skill displayed from these "unknown players".
  • November 4th, 1722 - Promoted to Master as a full member of the St. George Squadron.
  • October 29th 1722 - As luck would have it, the HMS Cortana's poor repairs didn't help during actual combat conditions. Whilst in battle against the french, the ships patchwork hull sustained heavy damage and cracked. Most of the crew was saved by one of the other British warships in the area, and Ms Pendragon promptly assisted the rescuers by assisting their crew in the battle.

Upon returning to St. Johns, she inquires into one of the docked fourth rates laying around. Evidently the British Captain in command of it had been captured by the French a few months ago and command still did not have a suitable replacement. A few bribes and nudges here, and the recently re-painted HMS Hrunting is launched from St. Johns. A Sleek version of the popular Mordunt class fourth rates, her time in dry dock had managed to also warrant her for a refit. The shakedown cruise to Port Royal was particularly uneventful, until their was much insisting from the crew that "You try out these bloody heavy guns you've been drooling at for the last hour, Ma'am". The first mate agreed as well. A Pirate bark is quickly found on the sea lanes.

The first broadside causes their entire crew to abandon ship. The second broadside produces so much balsa wood.

  • October 28th 1722 - The HMS Cortana is heavily damaged in a pirate attack near Ruddy Cove. She manages to limp back to St Johns for emergency repairs to her Bow Mast, Main Mast, and Rudder. At first everything seems to be in order, but the structural integrity of the ship itself is patchwork at best. A full repair job seems too expensive and requires a trip to Port Royal - The decision is made to repair her to operational status and allow her to sail until she sinks......of course the crew isn't made aware of this
  • October 21st 1722 - Whilst performing duties in service of the Crown at St. Johns, she bumps into an old friend of hers - Mr. Lawrence, a peddler she remembered from the old world. Evidently the man had had enough of traveling the well worn trade routes between European cities and wanted to try his hand making a much larger profit in the New World. Pleasantries were exchanged, and they caught up on recent events, as they had not seen each other in quite a few years. A promise was made to meet again at least every month - but then again, they made a promise like that back in the old world too...
  • October 19th 1722 - Early morning insanity results in paying over half of her reserve funds for some Marks of Victory. The HMS Cortana, A refitted Stralsund frigate dubbed 'Falcon' is launched from Port Royal a few hours later. The HMS Durandal is dry docked in St Johns for later usage, perhaps as a speed corvette if need be. A pirate xebac is spotted while en route to Ambergis and promptly surrenders after two broad sides. First mate comments that the captain should refrain from maniacal laughter. Captain comments that the first mate should refrain from being thrown overboard.

The new first mate adjusts into his job well.

  • October 18th 1722 - Defeated in hand to hand combat by a french privateer in international waters. Ship and crew inevitably saved when the french couldn't read the british directions for the ship controls and was let free. First mate commented that perhaps the racing stripes threw them off. Spent rest of day pondering this decision by sinking pirate ships with only the swivel guns. Participated in a mock battle with some of the St. George Squadron members. They all had frigates and one had a fourth. Evidently served with honor and valor, although it's hard to agree with that when your ship is turned into splinters of wood twice.
  • October 17th 1722 - Finally remembered by a crew member to add some paint to the HMS Durandal. Ship is painted a dark blue with white racing stripes, in honor of her lightning charge against the pirate fleet on the 13th. First mate comments that "It's not racing stripes, it's the trim". First mate is promptly thrown overboard and replaced.
  • October 14th 1722 - Joined St. George Squadron
  • October 13th 1722 - HMS Excalibur sunk whilst in battle against a large squadron of Pirates. Upon rowing to shore in a life raft and cursing out the names of every pirate who had ever existed and who had ever will exist, a large hole was burned in her wallet as she purchased the deed to a 'Locust' Sleek Corvette. Running into the local bar screaming like a banshee and pressing a large number of people onto the un-painted HMS Durandal, she quickly returned the favor to those before mentioned pirates by burning their hideout and destroying their fleet "like oh so many wooden trees being struck by the wrath of god himself". Upon returning to port and declaring a large feast, most of the crew stuck around (at least for the party, anyhow).
  • October 9th 1722 - Bought a Cutter, named it HMS Excalibur with no small dose of iron(y) in the paint. Served wonderfully against many pirates in the Guyana region.
  • October 7th 1722 - Captain by courtesy of the HMS Horse, a small cutter with a pitiful amount of guns. Managed to work around this by boarding every pirate ship that bothered to exist and get in her way. Had the side effects of demonizing her already boisterous and flamboyant attitude as well as giving her practice with a sword. "The pointy end is thrust into them, lads!" was one days rallying cry for a boarding action