HMS Ark Raleigh

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HMS Ark Raleigh.


Rating: 2nd rate

Class: Triumphant-class second-rate Ship of the Line

Shipyard: Brogsitter Shipyard

Launched: March 5th, 1721

Status: In active service


Total Guns: 88

Topdeck: 4 x 4lbs

Upper Gundeck: 24 x 9lbs

Middle Gundeck: 26 x 18lbs

Gundeck: 28 x 36lbs

Bow Chasers: 2 x 9lbs

Stern Chasers: 4 x 36lbs

Broadside Weight: 854lbs

Crew: 750


Gundeck Length: 164' 0"

Breadth: 47' 6"

Depth in Hold: 18' 10"


Current Captain: James Raleigh

Previous Captains:


Port Battle History

Ship History

HMS Ark Raleigh, build March 5th, 1721 was build for supportive role upon laying siege to the enemies ports, has been in numerous battles to force enemies into a port battle, but has yet to be in a port battle itself.