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Character Information



  • Rank: Viscount
  • Captains full name: Bernard Richards Viscount Christchurch
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Special Awards Awards of PVP Valor Awards of PVE Merit Awards of Commendation out of game

Captain Bernard Richards's background and information

Ribbons Awarded

Naval General Service MedalLong Service MedalSt. Christopher Medal

Record of Achievement

  • September 2008 - Long service ribbon - Awarded on completion of 1 years meritorious service.
  • Febuary 2008 - Saint Christopher Medal - Awarded to those reporting for duty during the first week of official release.
  • December 2007 - Military Cross - For his service and dedication as Chairman, Board of Patronage.
  • December 2007 - Bar for Naval General Service Medal - Awarded for participation in PotBS Closed Beta.
  • Febuary 2007 - Naval General Service Medal - Awarded to SGS members during 3 year anniversary
  • Bar for Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - For 2 years service to the SGS.
  • Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - For 1 years service to the SGS.
  • Order of St. Michael and St. George


Background Story

Born in 1670 Bernard Richards was aspiring young adventurist. Early in life he was always drawn to the sea, but was not from a family in which he could dwell in his dreams. His father had been a man of medicine and always forced education on his only son. Though Richards admired his father and his practice it was a natural feeling that drove him from home to the sea. In 1685, but a fifteen year old, Richards left his home at Dundee, in order to join the British navy. Though coming from an aristocratic family in Scotland, Richards had no particular connections in the navy and his advancement during his first number of years was slow. He excelled in all his training but at the time advancement was not an over emphasized practice. By 1702 at the age of 32, Bernard Richards had made captain of the 20 gun, Leopard. It was in this ship that he distinguished himself, mainly, as being very efficient in capturing privateers and making raids on rebel stations. The young Captain was a wise, generous, and merciful man who was deeply devoted to the welfare of the men under his leadership. His bravery and determination was noted and made public with a promotion and the honorable duty of commanding His Majesty’s Ship the 60 gun Superb at the young age of 39.. While under his command the Superbe and her crew would gain much wealth with several hard pressed victories over privateers off the north coast of Africa. By 1716 Richards would return home to tend a sick relative and to work on his writings. The short time at home would leave Richards feeling empty and he would soon be called to duty once again in 1717 commanding the 74 gun Swiftsure. A fine vessel with an outstanding crew. He would be assigned to the channel for 2 years and in late September would receive new dispatches calling for a course to the West Indies.