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The Forums features a fully integrated calendar system allowing SGS and the British Nation to create and plan events. The calendar is viewable by British Nation Captains and Saint George Squadron full members only.

To view the calendar click on the icon at the top of the forums Calendar Icon.png or click here. You must be logged into the forums to view the calendar.

Click on an event to open it, you'll see the event details just like a forum post. Some events contain an 'Attendance field' which you can mark as attending or not and add notes.

Port Battle Calendar

For the automated Port Battle Calendar in iCal / Google format please see Port Battle Calendar

Creating a new calendar event

  • Fined the day you want the event to start and click on the Icon new event.png new event icon.
  • Enter the name for the event, start date and end date and times (local time as set in your form options. Or click on all day event.
  • Mark if the even it reoccurring and select how it reoccurs from the drop down. Where drop down options have nth enter the number in the box below.
  • If the event reoccurs you can set when to stop the events. Or let it go on for ever (reoccurring events will be populated 60 days in advance)
  • Select the type of even from the drop down. Examples include, Port Flip, Training event and Epic mission.
  • Select security for the event. Public is open to all or you can limit it by group or personal (you only)
  • If limiting by group select the group or groups (ctrl, click) who can see the event.
  • Track attendance allows people to mark if there are coming to the event or not and leave notes. Useful for port flips and training.
  • Finally add information about the event in the same format as forum posts.