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Welcome to British Mercantile and Mercenary

British Mercantile and Mercenary is a British society on Antigua. Our core values are the free market and freedom to play the game the way you want to.

To each his own...



We engage in all parts of the game and support our mates in getting the most out of whatever aspect they enjoy, all while encouraging them to try new things. We PVP , we fleet, we run missions, we go to Port Battles, we defend our our nations ports and attack those of the enemy. We are helpful, respectful, and want you to play the game your way.

Death to France!

BMM is recruiting

BMM is always recruiting new members. If you are looking for a society where you are free to achieve your own goals with focus on the game economy then BMM may be for you. Visit our Recruitment page for more information.

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Fleeting is the attacking of the high level 8 and 12 fleets of computer generated ships you see sailing about in the open sea. We enjoy Fleeting for the thrill of battle and the loot! We welcome lower level members to join us and reap the rewards of experience and loot, but we encourage this to be a time to practice the Line Fighting that will be used later in large scale PvP battles. We also encourage our members to go back and run the missions they may have missed while grabbing a few levels fleeting and this will help them later in the game. Attacking fleets also generates unrest on the nearest port and is part of the strategy for taking over an enemy port (flipping it).


While society leaders set the tone and philosophy of the society, we have Commodores that run the show on a day to day basis. They are the driving force behind our battle with other nations. At level 50 Naval Officers are appointed to the the role of Captain, Privateers the role of Mercenary, and Freetraders can be Captains or, at their request, special roles to match their economic goals (Merchant, shipwright). Sub 50 players are assigned the role of Lieutenant and may draw a salary of 7,500 per day to help offset the cost of leveling. A Lieutenants main job in the society is to reach level 50 as soon as possible.


BMM believes that the economy is a fun part of the game. Buying low, selling high, finding a market and supplying it, undercutting the competition, gouging the enemy and using the auction house are all part of our free market system. You create, you profit, then you spend as you see fit, not as some society leader dictates. The economy can be daunting, especially in the beginning, and in BMM you will find some of the games most experienced economic players who are more than happy to assist you in getting your industry up and running. Many societies operate a closed loop econ, where everyone is responsible for producing a certain item which is then sold to the society at or near cost. In exchange, you get to buy manufactured goods and ships from the society, at or near cost. While it can be very efficient if run as a true collective, it's not gonna make you rich (unless you happen to be at the top of the food chain). As in any free market economy, Captains may set up business relationships with society members as long as the arrangements benefit all involved. For some excellent Economic Advice checkout this link from the SGS/British Nation website. All aspiring moguls should also get the latest copy of Remus' Economic Spreadsheet .


If this sounds like your kind of society, ask to speak with a member of BMM in Nation chat or you can send Leaders Jack Geary, Maibec Scylla or Jackson McCullogh a letter or a tell in game. We also offer a small daily salary to sub-50 members (Lieutenants).


Maibec Scylla , Jack Geary and the Clan McCullogh (Jackson, Jack, Thomas and Morgan) are the society's leaders (Admirals). They are the philosophical leaders and do all they can to make sure BMM is a bastion of freedom for enterprise and sailing. They appoint the Commodores who run the day to day aspects of the society and command our forces in the war against the French, Spanish and Pirate nations.

Realm vs Realm

Our Commodores lead the battle against our enemies (French, Spanish and Pirate). They are the ones to go to if you are interested in this aspect of the game. Anyone interested in taking the battle to our enemies needs to have Ventrillo installed on their computer to facilitate communications with other captains. Level 50 captains are best suited to this task, but lower levels can help out if they want, your Commodore will be able to direct you.


BMM Governs several ports in the Guyana and the Yucatan areas, using these ports as aids to recruiting new members. There are certain societies that BMM has entered into "gentlemen's agreements" with about port control and we honor these agreements. BMM generates influence through the activities of its many captains, this influence is in turn used to install our Governors in a port. There are essentially 3 kinds of ports available to govern, Conquerable, Non-conquerable and Enemy.

Non-conquerable ports do not allow the governor to take a very active role and are primarily a good place to post info for recruiting and get yourself a title and some fancy clothes. The title goes away when you lose the port, the clothes you get to keep.

Conquerable ports allow the governor to adjust economic and defense capabilities of the port. If the port does not have a thriving economy, this can be a very expensive proposition and should only be undertaken by captains of substantial means with the willingness to put their own fortunes to use. These ports can also take a tremendous amount of influence to obtain and keep.

Enemy ports are available for Governorship after we win a port battle, these are great opportunities to jump in, raise the defenses to assist in keeping the port, and raiding the enemy treasury for a little personal gain is never frowned upon.

Elections: Plan your bid so you can be on-line at 8PM eastern time 3 days after you place your bid. Once you place an initial bid to take over a port, nothing happens for 40 hours (Days 1 and 2), thats when Open Bidding begins. During Open Bidding, rivals may place bids on the Governorship. Open Bidding runs until the next day (Day 3) at 8PM Eastern time. At that time Open Bidding closes and Closed Bidding begins. Closed bidding runs for 5 minutes unless a new bid is placed, which restarts the timer for another 5 minutes. This process goes on until no new bid is offered and a winner in then declared. The exact time of the end of Closed Bidding will be revealed to you at the time of your initial bid. (This time line is based on my latest run for Governor at Port of Spain, feel free to correct any inaccuracies, McCullogh)

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please be level 50 and send a letter to one of the Commodores or Admirals.


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