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The Encyclopedia Nautica


This Encyclopedia Nautica is a compiling of works from members of the SGS, and from various sources found on the internet. The creators of this page in no way claim credit for this work, only in the attempt to place, in this one thread, all of the retrieved information. They may be far from complete, and - no doubt – there may be errors and omissions within. This document is for the use of all members of SGS, and they are encouraged, and free to submit any additional material, and/or corrections at any time.

Captain the Lord Seth Seaborn, Earl of Strafford

Saint George Squadron of the White


The content of this Encyclopedia is a group effort by Captain Dai and the honourably retired Captain MacPhearson. Dai was the inspiration, and MacPhearson acted as his assistant. The following Officers have most graciously added to this body of work.