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Port Governance

The Saint George Squadron Pledge

Low taxes for every nation

SGS believes in low taxes for every nation. This is to promote industry in the ports we govern. Therefore all SGS managed ports will work towards the following tax rates.

Tax Rate.png

Subsidizing the Treasury

The squadron firmly believes that Port Governance is a privilege with responsibilities. We will therefore subsidize the port treasury from our personal and squadron funds to ensure it can be developed to the level required. We will not spam or beg for dailies or donations.

Port Development

Weapons Stockpile (Offense) and Fortification (Defense) are relatively cheap to maintain and we will aim to have these as high as we can with a minimum target of 10.

Infrastructure is far more expensive and the level we build will depend on the port treasury. Our minimum target will be 5 although this will be higher in important economic ports, for example Charlestown.

Openness and transparency

Our port information and manifesto will always be publicly available on this website.

Governor Application Form

Rules for SGS Port Governors

Squadron governors are expected to follow the regulations when managing a port. This is to maintain the good reputation of the squadron and ensure a unified structure.


Please change the Subtitle to the St. George Squadron of the White


This is important because our enemies will attempt to identify the Governor's of ports in order to try to time their attacks to when the Governor is not present to contribute to the defense of the port.

Message of the day

You can create your own message of the day. You can use it to advice economic players as to useful structures to build or places to buy and sell. Please include the website address An example message is shown below.

This port is under the Governorship of SGS  
We are a historical society offering all play styles for all levels,
Please visit the British Nation Website at

Another option would be:

This port is under the Governorship of SGS
SGS encourages economic development and low tax rates for all nations.
For more information on SGS - visit

Tax Rate

This applies only to Economic ports. Non-Conquerable ports (Ports that cannot be captured) do not have Tax Rates or Port Improvements to manage. You should change the tax rate as often as is practical (once per 24 hours is the availability of making these changes), aiming for 5% British and 10% all other nations.

Depending on circumstances, specific nations may be targeted for special handling. This often will be based on mirroring the actions of that nation towards British ports and tax rates. The Governor in Chief, Caribbean will make determinations for exceptions and communicate those to the SGS Governors.

Port Improvements

This applies only to Economic ports. Non-Conquerable ports (Ports that cannot be captured) do not have Tax Rates or Port Improvements to manage. Infrastructure, Fortification , Weapons Stockpile should be set to a level sustainable and appropriate for the port.

Infrastructure refers to the setting that makes the port more efficient for production. Higher levels of Infrastructure will decrease both the labor needed to complete production recipes in addition to reducing the cost to run the recipe. The minimum target is a setting of 4 for a minor economic port. If a higher level can be afforded, it is to the benefit of all to do so. For major economic ports like Charlestown, the goal is the maximum setting of 10.

Fortifications and Weapons Stockpiles are the improvements related to the defensive capabilities of the port. At the higher levels of these improvements, the port will have additional and stronger forts within any port battle, offensive and defensive stat boosts for the forts and NPC's within any port battle at that port. The goal for all ports is to support a Level 10 Fortification level and at least a Level 10 Weapons Stockpile level. This will provide the maximum benefits to assist the holding of the port in the event the port is attacked.


You may draw a salary at your discretion.


The uniform regulations are relaxed for serving governors. You may wear any items as long as:

  • They are historically plausible colours.
  • No ripped, or warn clothes.
  • No dreadlocks or other 'piratical' hair styles.

You may buy and wear the new governors items.

If you lose your position as governor you must return to the uniform regulation, but may continue to use the governors items as long as they comply with the regs (wigs and colour appropriate pants/vests are quite acceptable).


All Governors are expected to provide to the Governor in Chief no less than weekly status reports on their port. Included in these status reports are information regarding the Infrastructure, Weapons, and Fortification levels as well as any changes made since the previous report. Document the current port treasury as well as the current (or next) maintenance cost deduction. Inventory and report on the status of unrest bundles held in the port for the port's defense. Advise the Governor in Chief of any election efforts, any influence needs, and any treasury needs (donations) so that suitable action can be provided. If there is an election bid, advise the Governor of the person who initiated the election. Diplomatic means may be tried to help retain the port.


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