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In order to preserve the reputation of the squadron and ensure a fun experience for everyone, the squadron has a number of regulations.

Regulations for all Officers

This box contains the regulations that a standard member needs to follow. We try to keep things as simple as possible so you can get on with enjoying the game. The regulations in this box are the only ones that normal members need to worry about. Uniform regulations are in place to guide our role play as a British Naval society. The Conduct regulations ensure that we play fairly and honourably.

The Administrative regulations below are the instruction book for running SGS, these do not need to be memorized, but are used by the flag officers to manage the society.

Uniform Regulations

These regulations govern the way each officer looks. These are the things you can set up once then forget about.

The Office of the Inspector General is responsible for enforcing Uniform regulations.

Conduct Regulations

These regulations maintain they squadrons reputation as a fair and honourable society. These are the things to need to do at all times.

The Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel is responsible for enforcing Conduct regulations.

Administrative Regulations

Flag Officers

There are the people who run the squadron out of game. They are chosen every map cycle based on the instructions on the Category:Flag Officers page.

Ranks and Promotions and Awards

The squadron uses the Ranks system detailed on the linked page.

Promotions and Awards occur at the start of every month using the process detailed on the page.

Changing or updating regulations

Each regulation is listed either as a Squadron Regulation or a Flag Regulation. These regulations may be changed after a successful vote and detailed on the appropriate page.

Squadron Constitution

The constitution contains the core values of the society and unlike every other regulation the constitution cannot be changed. This ensures that whatever happens to SGS it continues to be run in the style the original Sea Lords envisaged.

A full explanation of the constitution is available here but in short it is:

  • Mission Statement All play styles encouraged
  • Open Recruitment Recruitment never closed
  • Squadron Regulations Must be followed by everyone
  • Role Play Encouraged but not required
  • Casual Gamers Friendly to casual gamers
  • Members Activity Minimum log on once a month
  • Founding Members Exempt from the above
  • Public Wiki Wiki open to all visitors
  • Spying and Espionage Never allowed
  • Sub Groups Must not be exclusive
  • Promotions and Awards Every month
  • Trading between Captains Cash on delivery