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A Squadron Regulation governs important parts of the Squadron. These regulations may only be changed as the result of a Squadron Vote as detailed below.

List of Squadron Regulation

A full list of Squadron Regulations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Holding a Squadron Vote

  1. A thread is started in the Officers Wardroom. It must include details of the change including the exact wording or graphic of the replacement.
  2. A poll is created with a Yes or No option (to adopt the new regulation).
  3. The poll must last 5 days and allow re-voting to be valid.
  4. A 2/3 majority (yes) result is required to change the regulation to that proposed.
  5. Any changes must be announced to the squadron in the Wardroom upon conclusion of the vote, and added to the wiki within three days by either the proposing officer or the Squadron Secretaries.


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