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Captain's pages are optional and should be left for each captain to create themselves.


This template creates a Captain's Character Page with all the required fields in the right place. Follow these instructions to create or edit your captain's page.

  1. You'll need to be logged in to the wiki to edit pages, log in with your forum account information.
  2. Go to the Captains page and click on your name.
  3. Copy and pate the code below into that page, this will give you the basic captains page for a Gentleman.
  4. Complete the page with your own information. You can add more detail at the bottom of the page, view Joseph Fletcher's page if you need ideas.

  • To change your rank just replace gentleman with your rank, the graphics will be updated.
  • To link to your own blog just replace the link
  • Upload either a full length portrait or your forum avatar, see the Officer of Commissions forum for help on creating images.
  • If you are awarded medals enter the number of medals you have in each category, the graphics will automatically update.
  • If you are a Knight you must choose either Scottish or English association and enter the correct medal under Spacial awards. kb (Knight of the Bath) for England and kt (Knight of the Thistle) for Scotland. Please note this is case sensitive.
  • If you are a Viscount or above you should add the Order of the Garter, to do this ad kg (Knight of the Garter) to the kb or kb. E.g. kbkg for England and ktkg for Scotland. Please note this is case sensitive.


The following code should be added where you want the box to appear.

|Captains full name=
|Captains Quote=
|Personality traits=
|Aims and goals=
|Alt Characters=
|FullLengthPortrait=Portrait Blank.png
|Flag=File:SGS UC.png



Character Information

[[{{{Flag}}}|128×85px|right]] [[File:{{{Rank}}}.png]]

  • Rank: {{{Rank}}}
  • Captains full name: {{{Captains full name}}}
  • Captain's Quote: {{{Captains Quote}}}
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: {{{Personality traits}}}
  • Captain Captain's aims and goals: {{{Aims and goals}}}
  • Captain's friends and family: {{{Alt Characters}}}
  • [{{{BlogURL}}} Captain's Log]

[[File:sash{{{SpecialAwards}}}.png|Special Awards]] [[File:Case PVP {{{AwardsofValor}}}-4.png|Awards of PVP Valor]] [[File:Case PVE {{{AwardsofMerit}}}-4.png|Awards of PVE Merit]] [[File:Case COM {{{AwardsofCommendation}}}-4.png|Awards of Commendation out of game]]

Captain Captain's background and information