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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Cornelius von Ravensburg
  • Captain's Quote: "Pain is temporary, honour is forever."
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: He is an aspiring commander, skilled and englightened in the way of naval warfare.
  • Captain Cornelius von Ravensburg's aims and goals: Becoming a successful and famous commander in the Royal Navy.
  • Cornelius von Ravensburg's friends and family: None.
  • [None. Captain's Log]

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Captain Cornelius von Ravensburg's background and information


House Spaeton, residence of the von Ravensburg Family

Cornelius von Ravensburg was born on 14. November 1776 in the residence of Family von Ravensburg near Hanover in the Kingdom of Hanover. Hanover was still under the personal-uninon of Great Britain at this time. Being raised in as the second born son of the a rich family, which was not of noble blood, Cornelius' heritage would never have been much due to his older brother. At a very young age he was already teached in reading, writing and maths to be able to succeed his brother or his father if something unwxpected should happen. The family has in parts prussian origin, so body drill was a part of the every days education. At the age of 12 Cornelius decided to make his way in the military, the navy, though not the Hanoveranian one, but the British one, the famous Royal Navy. He departed with a bit of money given him by his parents, he should never see them again, and left for England.

He enlisted in Royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth, due to his foreign birth and the fact that he never was on sea before, he got a condition to serve one journey long as cabin boy on a ship of His Majesty. The HMS Leander was a 50-gun ship where he served several months on, the ship being on patrol duty in the Mediterranean Fleet. After his return he was accepted at the Academy.
After the successful finish of the Academy and graduating his Lieutenants-exam he got a commission on courier and escort ships in the Carribean. In these waters he is currently fighting for his King and for England. Assigend to the most honourable and well known Saint Georges Squadron he is fullfilling his orders and hopefully being recognised soon for greater deeds and tasks.

Only in death does duty ends.

Mst a. Cmdr von Ravensburg on deck of his ship, the HMS Princeps, during an announcement.

Appearance & Character

Cornelius von Ravensburg is a rather aged looking 30-year-old, as he lost most his last hair already some years ago, only having a silver crest around his head. He has green eyes and is about 1,80cm tall while not being slim, but neither very burly. He has a rather gaunt face but his presence allows no other conclusion that he is inherent of authority. His back is straight and his nose is always some centimeters higher than absolute necessary, sometimes he is just walking up and down the quarterdeck, the hands on his back and talking with noone. Cornelius is a man of the military; discipline, respect and duty are his highest values and everyone who is acting against them will have a difficult time with him. Off duty he is not distanced, but neither lets everyone into his area of friendship. His always hoenst and direct attitude do not always make it easy for neither lower or higher ranks to handle him, but he prefers honesty instead of salutating to everything.

Service Record

February 1788 to July 1788: Service as Midshipman on the HMS Leander.

August 1788 to May 1794: Studying at the Royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth.

June 1794 to June 1796: Service as Ensign in the Channel Squadron.

June 1796 to July 1803: Service on a Brig in Gibraltar.

August 1803 to present: Service in the St Georges Squadron stationed in the Caribbean.

Through boldness, victory!

Record of Achievement

June 15th, 1796 - Graduating at the Royal Naval Academy and promotion to Second Lieutenant.

November 14th, 1799 - Promotion to First Lieutenant

April 1st, 1802 - Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

August 13th, 1806 - Promotion to Master and Commander


H.M.S. Defiance, Mercury-class (Decommissioned)

H.M.S. Macragge, Cerberus-class (Decommissioned)

H.M.S. Princeps, Renommee-class

H.M.S. Rubyhawk, Frigate-class

H.M.S. Eisenhorn, Trincomalee-class

Name Origin

Cornelius von Ravensburg is a Lord Admiral of the Imperial Navy and supreme commander of the Imperial forces in the Gothic - Sector during the invasion of Abaddons' 12th Black Crusade to conquer these territories. He succesffuly defended the Sector and ended the invasion.
From Warhammer 40.000

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