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Daily Missions ("dailies") are missions that are repeatable every day. The missions reset at 11:00 am GMT each day and can then be picked up again. They reward big amounts of money and in most cases also turn-in items, that can be traded in. They are usually played in a group, although many can be completed alone, too. At this point (March 2010) there are 15 dailies in the game.

(The blockade and patrol missions are not covered in this guide, even though they are repeatable on a daily basis.)


There are two dailies in Havana.

Havana Hijinx

Type: Level 50 ship combat. Requires boarding.

Rewards: 17,000 db, no experience points

Turn-in: None

Giver: Lieutenant Carello (on the dock)

Prison Riot

Type: Level 50 swordfighting

Rewards: 12,000 db and turn-in item, no experience points

Turn-in: Swordfighting clicky Pitorro Explosivo (1 day) and outfittings (5 days), swords (10 days)

Giver: Lieutenant Carello (on the dock)

Island Harbour

Baptism by Fire

Type: Level 40 group ship combat and swordfighting

Rewards: Money (see Notes below) and turn-in items

Turn-in: Swordfighting and general ship outfittings, clothing, title (see Notes below)

Giver: Violet Staughton (in the fortress, see Notes below)


  • Defend Island Harbour against the onslaught (20 min)
  • At least one village captain must survive
  • Sink the Dread Saints Raiders (10)

The rule of the game is pretty simple here - sink everything as quickly as possible. You need at least three ships here because the enemies come from three different spawn points and are heading for three different objectives: North Village (actually to the west), South Village (inconveniently dead upwind) and Island Harbour itself.

You must concentrate on the landing ships, which are marked by red arrows. These are ordinary level 35-40 frigates - Raa variants, Capricieauxs, Defiants, Myrmidons - not easy to sink. If the landing ships make it to their target you must follow them in and defend the village captain.

After the twenty minutes are up, several additional raider ships spawn. At this point you don't need to worry about the landing parties anymore. Sink ten raiders to complete the mission.

Additional Info:

This daily mission needs to be unlocked once by completing two of the Dread Saints missions handed out by Jordan Dexter in Island Harbour. The first pre-mission 'When the Saints Go Marching In' is a level 40 ship combat and swordfighting mission. The follow-up to that is a swordfighting mission ('Wicked Communion') that takes place in a fortress. Once completed it can be handed in by returning to the fortress through the Longboat Coxswain. Handing it in unlocks the daily mission 'Baptism By Fire' as well as another, non-repeatable ship combat and swordfighting mission ('Turnabout Is Fair Play') with one of the good turn-in ship outfittings as a reward.

The reward for completing 'Baptism By Fire' is 5,400 db (not for the first completion though) and 2 turn-in items. There is an additional special reward of 5,400 db and 1 turn-in item for completing the mission with a small group (up to 4 group members). Another special reward of 5,400 db and 1 turn-in item is awarded for successfully defending both of the coastal villages (one is enough to complete the mission). The additional rewards are handed out via missions that only require talking to Violet Staughton. 3 turn-in items can be traded in for various good swordfighting or general ship outfittings, 4 turn-in items can be traded in for clothing items, 15 for a title, and 25 turn-in items get you very good swordfighting or general ship outfittings.

Island Harbour can be reached from Orleans without actually sailing. Leave Orleans to the open sea, open the local map, select Island Harbour there and press the 'x' key to enter. This works the other way, too, and it also works in similar situations elsewhere, for example at Jacqueme and Leogane or for entering Port-of-Spain from the north.


There are six dailies in Orleans. Quest-givers are Durand, Hannah Dasquet, Hyacinthe Faveron and Edgar Crepin (they are all standing on the dock).

To trade in any turn-in items you get from the missions you need to be at least level 45 and speak to Marcus Guigernon. Depending on how many and which items you have, you can trade them in for Smelling Salts, Heavy Round Shot or a crate of supplies containing 18,000 db, a few hundred Heavy Round Shot, 20 Bandages and 5 Smelling Salts.

Gunboat Diplomacy

Type: Level 45 group ship combat

Rewards: 13,125 db, turn-in items as loot drop

Objectives: Defeat 10 gunboats and 2 capital ships

  • Group strategy: Shoot anything that moves until it stops.
  • Solo strategy: Keep moving, keep the wind, and don’t let yourself get swarmed by dozens of gunboats at once. If need be, there’s plenty of space to run upwind and repair.

Hulk Smash

Type: Level 45 group ship combat

Rewards: 13,125 db, turn-in items as loot drop

Objectives: Sink 4 freebooters. Disrupt 3 camps (Optional)

  • Group Strategy: See 'Gunboat Diplomacy'.
  • Solo Strategy: This is probably the hardest mission to solo. Keep the scout ships strung out and kite them around the map. Once you’ve eliminated enough that they are no longer a nuisance, move in and take out the freebooters. The freebooters don’t move around much so its easy to park and rake them. Bring a heavy ship. Disrupting the camps is an optional objective but it gives you some good bonus loot.

Island of Fire

Type: Level 45 group ship combat

Rewards: 13,125 db, turn-in items as loot drop

Objectives: Defeat the Varyags' Guard Ship. Click on 4 'Academie' longboats.

  • Group Strategy: The two fastest ships should charge through the blockade and engage the guard ship. The faster of the two should fire a couple broadsides and continue to the longboats, while the other sticks around to sink it. Once the guard ship is down and the longboats are activated, the mission is basically over. If the group wants to, they can hang around and dismantle the Varyag blockade with casual effort and farm the turnin items.
  • Solo Strategy: Charge straight through the blockade, using invincibility if you have it. Sink the Guard Ship as quickly as possible, then continue to the longboats. Bring a fast heavy ship.


Type: Level 45 group ship combat

Rewards: 13,125 db, turn-in items as loot drop

Objectives: 1,800 tons of cargo must reach exit point.

  • Group strategy: Split into two teams, one with the faster ships, one with the slower ships. The fast group goes to the rear section of the convoy, the slow group to the middle. Sink the freebooter first, then activate the merchants. Set them all to flee. Move on to the last group when able.
  • Solo Strategy: Take a look at the merchants. One of the groups should have several midlevel frigates. Go to that group, defeat the freebooter, and start activating the merchants. Set the frigates to be Aggressive – select the strongest to be an “Aggressive Leader” and the second strongest to be “Protective.” Then move on to the other groups, ordering the merchants to flee.

Fracture Point

Type: Level 50 group ship combat

Rewards: 15,000 db, turn-in items as loot drops

Objectives: Defeat the Varyags' Freebooter.

  • Group Strategy: See 'Gunboat Diplomacy'.
  • Solo Strategy: Sink the Confrerie Libre scouts as you circle the islands. Stay away from the Varyag freebooter until most of the CL scouts are out of the way. Board the Varyag ship, but be careful of the powerful bow chaser. If you have the House of Solomon Relic, use it to immobilize the ship and board it from behind.

Unhappy Meals

Type: Level 50 group ship combat and swordfighting

Rewards: 15,000 db, turn-in items as loot drops

Objectives: Rescue 3 prisoners.

  • Group strategy: Turn north to keep favorable winds. The tanks in the group should draw fire while the fast ships rush in to board the non-combatant Varyag ships. Each ship has three NPCs which should be not too hard for one player to defeat in avcom. Talk to the prisoners to save them. Ideally rush to the prisoner first and click on him to complete the objective, and fight the NPCs after that, to make sure your ship gets finished. After having rescued the prisoners down the Confrerie Libre fleet at your leisure to farm for turnin drops.
  • Solo strategy: Head north, circle around the enemy fleet, and board the varyag ships in turn, taking cover among the islands to avoid being overwhelmed by the Confrerie fleet. Bring a fast, heavy ship.

Port Royal

High Spirits

Type: Level 50 swordfighting

Rewards: 12,000 db and turn-in item

Turn-in: Swordfighting consumables (1 day)

Giver: Hector Hourd (near the Longboat Coxswain)


Although possible to attempt and complete with one player, a two-man team will breeze through this mission much easier.

You're here to save a rum distillery that's been set on fire by the Spanish. To save it, you need to rescue the distillery's workers and protect them while they grab buckets to put out the fire. The first thing you need to do is clear out the Spanish guarding the still itself. This is the hardest part - you'll have to fight five guys at once. This is where having two players comes in handy, especially if one of you has grenades.

Once you've got the area around the still cleared out, move through the map freeing the hostages. Then return to the still and fight off waves of enemies until the fire goes out.

You'll have 4 minutes to rescue the first hostage and 5 minutes to put out the fire at that point, so another good reason to do this with two people is just to save time.


The Guns of Del Morro

Type: Level 50 group swordfighting

Rewards: 15,000 db and turn-in item

Turn-in: Swordfighting consumables (1 day), swords (10 days), pistol (10 days)

Giver: Nelia Torrell (at the city wall)


This mission is loosely based on The Guns of Navarone, a novel by Alistair MacLean (and later an excellent movie starring Gregory Peck and David Niven). Your mission is to sabotage a battery of guns that threaten a crucial shipping channel.

At the beach where you land you'll find a Hammer and Spikes. One person needs to pick those up. Remember who has them! That person needs to use those tools to sabotage the guns.

You have to fight through pirates to reach the fort. There are two bridges to cross, and these are trouble. Strong waves of enemies will come at you when you try to cross the bridges. Once you reach the fort itself, you'll find fourteen guns arranged in a semi-circle guarded by three clusters of pirates.

The person with the tools should set to work on the guns, moving from right to left or counter-clockwise. The others should engage the baddies so he can work in peace. If the guy holding the tools is killed, he will drop the tools where he falls and they can picked up by anyone.

Once all fourteen guns are out of commission, the team escapes via grappling hooks found on the left side of the fort wall. You can escape while in combat, which is good, because you'll have more pirates trying to kill you now.

The NPC who gave you the mission will offer an exchange for the Bastard's Epaulet you collected. One Epaulet will buy you five units of powdered rum - a drink that boosts parry and dodge at the expense of offense. Or you can save ten Epaulets for a set of swords or a pistol.

(Doable with two, better with three or more.)


Pit Fight

Type: Level 51 solo swordfighting. Only available for level 50 players.

Rewards: 12,000 db and turn-in item

Turn-in: Swordfighting consumables (1 day) and outfittings (5 days), swords (10 days)

Giver: Seth "the Pit Boss" Roy (at the Fighting Pit in the Inferno district)

Besieged Tortuga

There are three level 50 dailies in Besieged Tortuga, a special port that is opened up by accepting the Dread Saints epic mission 'Big Trouble in Tortuga' from any Broadsheet Peddler.

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