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Incomplete.png This page is still under construction and may have important information missing. If you can help to fill in the gaps please do so.

The How to edit a page at wikipedia contains detailed instructions on editing a mediawiki page.

However you can edit most pages by following these simple instructions.

Click on the Edit tab at the top to view the edit window. This will show the existing code for the page. You can then add in any changes and additions.

Simple Markup

The markup language for mediawiki is very simple.

Above the edit area are a set of markup buttons that cover the basic functions for editing pages. Hover over the buttons for an explanation of each.

Markup buttons.png

Section titles

Section titles can be added by bracketing text with = signs. A table of contents will be automatically generated based on the titles.

=level 1 title=
==level 2 title==
===level 3 title===
====level 4 title====

Bold and Italics

  • To display text as bold bracket the text with
  • Italics are bracketed with

These can be combined as shown below

'''bold text'''
''italic text''
'''''bold and italic'''

Wiki Links

To link to another page in the wiki bracket the text with . If the page doesn't exist the text will display in red (clicking on a red link will invite you to create the page). Mediawiki will automatically find and create [[ links when you save a created / edited page.

You can link using alternative text by piping the link.

]][[page link]]
[[page link|alternative text]]

External Links

To link to another website you can either include the full url http://www.gdcm.com/ which mediawiki will automatically detect when you save the page. or use can use the following markup.

[full_url alternative text]
[http://www.example.com www.example.com] 

Adding a signature and time stamp

To add a signature and time stamp use the following code.



Add information here on category use and markup


 Add information here on using basic templates (page status templates).  
 Template creation and template variables should be handled elsewhere as they are advanced subjects.

Page status templates and simple templates to show the overall status of a page. For example a page which is incomplete should use Template:Incomplete so visitors can easily see it's status. To add a status template to a page use a template link as shown below.


Edit Tools

At the bottom of the window are a set of edit tools.

Edit tools.png

The Summary box allows you to enter some notes regarding the edit. You should enter some information here so that wiki admins can see what reason the edit was made.

  • If the edit was minor, a spelling or format correction, then tick the box.
  • If you want to receive email updates when the page is edited then tick Watch this page.
  • Save page, leaves edit mode and saves the page.
  • Show preview shows the page as it will look at the bottom of the window. with the edit box above.
  • Show changes, compares the code before and after the edit.
  • Cancel, discards the edits and returns to the page.
  • Editing help, displays this page.