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Captains full name: Everett Wick

Rank Held in the squadron: Viscount

Career: Naval Officer

Age of joining the Navy:

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Reason for joining the RN:

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Friends and Family

Record of Achievement

  • January 9th 1721 - Citation, Conspicuous Bravery
  • December 1st 1720 - Promotion to Viscount
  • November 10th 1720 - Accepted position of Squadron Chaplain
  • November 1st 1720 - Promotion to Baron
  • Saint Christopher Medal - Awarded to those reporting for duty during the first week of official release.
  • Bar for Naval General Service Medal - Awarded for participation in PotBS Closed Beta.
  • Order of St. Michael and St. George - For attaining the rank of Knight

Background Story

Born 6 june,1693 in Plymouth to Commodore Sir Reuben Everett Wick and his wife Louise.

19 April, 1707, gained an appointment as a midshipman on the HMS Glasgow commanded by Captain James Hamilton.

24 October, 1710, was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and continued in service aboard HMS Glasgow.

6 March, 1711, took leave of abscence for death of father and to make sure his personal business was in proper order.

11 June, 1711, returned to duty upon request of the Admirality on board HMS Unicorn commanded by Captain Henry Kirkwall.

2 January, 1712, exchanged fire with pirates off coast of Gibraltar, boarded the Sloop "Purgatory" and seized her as a prize. Held 17 of her crew as prisoners.

18 August,1712, returned to port of Plymouth to find that my mother had passed a week before my arrival. Took only three weeks to handle the family business and waited for my orders.

2 October,1712, ordered back to HMS Unicorn.

19 April, 1713, received orders to be part of squadron escorting merchantmen sailing to Colonies in New England.

8 May, 1713, set sail for colonies with much excitement and wonder.

21 September, 1713, arrived in New York harbor. Not quite the port at Plymouth but an exciting day I will never forget.

12 November, 1713, granted a six month leave of abscence and purchased a costal barque along with a few other enterprising fellows.

5 March, 1714, with our newly refitted vessel " Miracle" full of provisions me and my mates set out for the southern coast of the colonies.

17 March, 1714, was voted Captain of HMS Miracle, as we called her, by my mates. The fellows thought I should be Captain since I had the most experience on board.

4 April, 1714, heading due north past Norfolk spotted by two pirate ships. With only 4 swivel guns on board we dare not make a stand this day.

5 April, 1714, finally lost sight of pirate sails thanks to our superior seamanship, thanks to our training in our Majesty's superior Navy.

7 May, 1714, arrived in New York port with many tales and a renewed spirit for our duty.

10 June, 1714, passed 1st Lieutenant exam and was posted into first command aboard HMS Unicorn, as Captain Kirkwall lost his left leg in a hunting accident and retired with honor. We the crew of the "Miracle" presented her as a gift to our beloved Captain Kirkwall. Only fitting that he be able to sail out his days as we did on the coast of a new land. He will be missed but not forgotten.

4 July, 1714, with our hold full of provisions and our new sails full we set out for England, home.......

25 November, 1714, arrived in Plymouth, home has a nice smell!!!

22 April,1715, received orders to sail to Southampton.

19 May, 1715, arrive in Southampton. Met Miss Elizabeth Cork at gathering to honor the Governor of Southampton.

3 June, 1715, receive orders to return to Plymouth. Say goodbyes to Miss Elizabeth Cork and head for Plymouth.

29 June, 1715, arrive in Plymouth.

30 August, 1715, received correspondence from Miss Elizabeth Cork annoucing her families plans to arrive in Plymouth on personal business in three weeks.

27 September, 1715, invited Miss Elizabeth Cork to dinner engagement, she accepted and introduced me to her parents.

2 November, 1715, the lovely Miss Beth, as I call her now informed me of her families immediate return to Southampton, her grandmother is ill. Will miss her.....

18 March, 1716, receive orders to return to New York to escort government personnel back to England.

21 April, 1715, set out for New York aboard HMS Unicorn and five other vessels.

26 August, 1715, arrive in New York harbor, port has grown since we last saw her.

27 August, 1715, we find out that the "government personnel" was actually a spy who has escaped the custody of his guards. We must wait for orders.

24 December, 1715, the eve of christmas and still no orders. Some say we are awaiting the recapture of the spy. I am quite sure I dont know the real reason.

1 January, 1716, a new year and we have heard that the spy has been recaptured in St. Augustine. He will be transproted to Savannah where he will then become our guest till we reach England.

3 March, 1716, head south towards Savannah today. I must admit that I think of Miss Beth often, look forward to returning home.

17 April, 1716, arrive in Savannah and await the arrival of the "spy".

22 April, 1716, we have finally got our first look at the spy, a rather unassuming fellow indeed. Tomorrow we head out for home.

27 October, 1716, arrive in Plymouth, a royal guard has been waiting for our arrival. Our cargo is quite the talk of everyone.

2 November, 1716, take my leave of my duties for a period of time so as to inquire of a Miss Beth of Southampton if she is going to be busy for the remaining days of her life.

5 December, 1716, reach Southampton.

7 December, 1716, ask Miss Elizabeth Cork to be my wife, she almost strangles me with her excitement. Her parents are quite happy also.

13 April, 1717, arrive in Plymouth with Beth at my side. We reach Wick Estate and begin transforming my old home into our new home.

8 July, 1717, receive orders to prepare crew for our new home, HMS Ramillies a thirty four gun fifth rate frigate.

21 August, 1717, a lovely sight the Ramillies is. A new ship in our Majesty's service and we have been chosen to be her crew. A magnificent day indeed.

17 January, 1718, receive orders to sail to Bombay, India. The crew is quite excited as is her commander.

22 March, 1718, set sail for Bombay.

5 November, 1718, make port in Ascension and acquire provisions for continued journey to Bombay.

26 February, 1719, passed the Cape of Good Hope today.

16 June, 1719, make port in Chagos Arch and acquire provisions for final leg to Bombay.

22 September, 1719 arrive in Bombay, very large and dusty port. Quite a mysterious place this India is.

4 October, 1719, Mr. Purdy our ships surgeon was quite smitten with a whats called a "belly dancer". I happened to catch a glimpse of one myself but quickly remembered my place and retrieved Mr. Purdy from his captors and returned him to the ship. We all had a good laugh as did Mr.Purdy.

14 February, 1720, receive orders to return to Plymouth. Am very happy with this news for I do miss my lovely Beth something terrible.

16 March, 1720, set sail for England with our provisions full and three new midshipman aboard. Mr. Hunbolt seems to be the best of the lot but time will prove their worth.

21 May, 1720, I have almost completed my studies for my Captains exam. Excited for we head towards dear old England.

15 October, 1720, arrive in Cape Town, stop to inquire of a merchant in port who may be able to produce some ivory for us to take home.

29 October, 1720, leave the Cape and set sail with our ivory and also some spices acquired from a rotund merchant named Mr.Arroo of Cape Town.

9 January, 1721, make port of St. Helena. Acquire provisions and make necessary repairs to a few older vessels in our group.

4 February, 1721, set sail from St. Helena today.

11 May, 1721, pass Cape Verde today and make the turn for home.

17 July, 1721, arrive port of Plymouth. Is good to stand on soil you are familiar with. Especially since your wife is waiting on it waving to you as you step on to the dock.

19 July, 1721, receive promotion to Captain for service to our Majesty the King. As I have finished my application to St. George' Squadron of the White. I now wait with great anticipation of their decision.

25 July, 1721, acting in supprt of Captain Cornelius Black of HMS PURSUER, Captain Everett Wick in his personal vessel EPERVIER engaged the french corvette "BONNE" taking her as a prize while in support of said Captain Cornelius Black. In the same engagement HMS PURSUER and EPERVIER were attacked by the french frigate VENUS and in the ensuing battle the combined efforts of Captain Black and Captain Wick sank the french frigate VENUS. Taking as prisoners in the engagement was Captain of the VENUS, Thierry Desaix and a spy known as Chance along with forty three crewmen including officers.