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The current Society Secretary is: John Page

Society Secretary is a Flag Officer role open to any trusted officer, but he should have some skills with IT. The Squadron Secretary is responsible for the website (forums and WIKI) of the Squadron, and for keeping the Navy List up to date.


The Society Secretary has clear defined roles and is a administrative position.

  • Responsibility for the Squadron website, including the WIKI and the forums
  • Contact with website hosting company
  • Has all access to servers and all administrator rights to the forums and the WIKI
  • Contribute to and structure the WIKI and the forums
  • Moderate the forums
  • Aid members with creating content in the WIKI
  • Responsibility for the Navy List, including the Captains Roster and the overview of the Squadron Administration.
  • Can change ranks on the forums
  • Can add medals to profiles
  • Contact for help with avatars
  • Contact for help with profiles

The Squadron Secretary should be chosen with particular care, since he will have the rights to read all forums. By his responsibility for taking backups, he must also have access to files on the SGS server, and access to backup the database. This means that the Squadron Secretary in effect will have access to the entire web server.

Administration Tasks

Overall responsibility for the WIKI and the forums

The Squadron Secretary has the overall responsibility for the Squadron's website, the WIKI and the forums. This means that he may make decisions on how to structure the content of the WIKI, the sub forums in the forums etc. He is also moderator for the forums. Decisions regarding the website resides with the Squadron Secretary (under the ultimate power of the Senior Officers, of course).

The Squadron Secretary should encourage and aid the captains of the Squadron to contribute to the WIKI and the forums.

New Officers coming the Squadron

As soon as a new has been announced in the forums (typically by the Secretary, Recruitment) the Squadron Secretary checks to see if they are added to the Navy List. If not, he adds the captain to the bottom of the roster, including their alts, date joined and country. The newly arrived officers should also be contacted for help with their profile and avatar (typically by the Inspector General or the Commissioner.

Keeping the Navy List updated

It is important for the Squadron Secretary to watch the forums for announcements of promotions, awards etc. Whenever an officer is promoted or receives a medal, it is his responsibility to update the Navy List. In practice, this is done by

  • editing the WIKI page for the Navy List
  • updating the officer's rank, awards and possibly group in their forum profile

He is also responsible for now and again check for inactive captains and move them to the retired captains' list, and for putting captains on half pay when granted by a Senior Officer.


The Squadron Secretary is generally responsible for the forums. This includes, structure, content, safety/security and updates. To administrate the forums, use the link called Administration Control Panel at the bottom of any forum page.

(Please be aware of the SGS using a custom theme/style for the forum.)

Forum accounts

To modify the captains forum account, go to the captain's profile page then click on Administrate user (if you do not have this option please see an Admin)

Administrate user.png

If prompted enter your username and password again to proceed to the ACP.

From the user administration page select Group (note, visible options will depend on your access level)


Add the officer to the correct group (Patronage for Patronage officers and Junior officers for successful Patronage)


Then make the new group the default for the member.

Then Select Rank from the Drop and Select Gentlemen (or Master for successful Patronage)


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