Flag Officer: Chief of Society Personnel

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The current Chief of Society Personnel is: Sir Alistair Pellew, KB

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Member Activity Checks

It is the responsibility of the Chief of Society Personnel (CSP) to ensure the Society's members (both casual and full) are adhering to the Activity Rules of the Society.

  • The CSP should ensure that casual members who fail to show signs of activity on the Discord server at least once every 6 months are removed.
  • The CSP should also make every effort to monitor the activity of the Society's full members - full members who have either not logged in to the forums or Discord in a 1 month period should be moved to the Society's Inactive Roster.

In order to conduct the Discord checks, the CSP may utilise the '`findold <days>' (and replace <days> with the appropriate number) command in the #Society-Management Discord server.