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The current Governor in chief, Caribbean is: Vacant

The Governor in Chief is responsible for organizing and encouraging the Squadron's Port Governance efforts. This includes determining which ports will be governed by St. George Squadron officers, development and maintenance of the Governor's lists for Conquerable and Non-Conquerable ports, issuance of St. George Squadron influence to Governor's for use in Port Elections, defining the Port Governance rules and regulations, training of Governor's for Port Governance, and working with other British nation societies to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of ports within the British Nation.


As an active Squadron within the British Nation, St. George Squadron of the White, is committed to successfully managing economic and non-economic ports within the Nation's sphere of influence. The overall direction and goals of the St. George Squadron of the White were communicated to the British Nation in our document - the Port Governance Letter to Nation written 18 December, 1722 by Captain Sir John Allday, Governor in Chief for the St. George Squadron of the White.

Within this document, we identified a number of ports that were of strategic interest to the St. George Squadron of the White.

These ports include the following Economic ports:

  • Charlestown
  • Bridgetown
  • Basseterre

and the following Non-Conquerable ports:

  • Rosignol

St. George Squadron does reserve the right to pursue additional ports if the ports in question are not being effectively managed to support the needs of the National effort, adequately develop the economy, or are ports captured from the enemy in the need of British governorship until the next treaty period.

Additional Information and details on becoming a Governor and managing a Port can be found on the [[| Port Governance]] page.


The Governor in Chief is responsible for collecting and reviewing weekly reports from all St. George Squadron Governors, including those who are Governing Captured Enemy ports. Governors are expected to provide a snapshot of the current status of their port in addition to reporting to the Governor in Chief any issues or needs that require action by either the Governor in Chief or the Board of Flag Officers.

The Governor in Chief is also expected to provide a running log of their major activities to support the Governor's in addition to the interests of the St. George Squadron. In particular, the Governor must clearly document every disbursement of Squadron Influence whether it is from the Squadron Bank or from an amount that is placed in the charge of the Governor in Chief for disbursement. All influence must be accounted for. A dedicated section in the Officer's Wardroom in addition to the Board of Flag Officer's forum is available for these administrative reports.

Current Governor in Chief

Sir Angus Beers


  • Define which British ports will be Governed by St. George Squadron Officers
  • Process applications for Governor Positions
  • Maintain the Conquerable and Non-Conquerable Governor Lists
  • Issue St. George Squadron influence points to Governor's / prospective Governor's for Port Elections
  • Train St. George Squadron officers to be Governors specifically on Elections, Management, Defense of Ports
  • Work with other British societies to ensure an equitable division of British ports across the nation
  • Fulfill the Administrative Responsibilities of the position of Governor in Chief