Flag Officer: NA Chief of Naval Operations

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The current Chief of Naval Operations is: Sir Samuel Hood, 1st Baronet Hood, KB, DSO, DSC, MC, CCB

The Operations Officer is responsible for organizing and encouraging the Squadron's RvR efforts. This includes determining major targets for attacks on enemy ports, ad hoc defense of threatened British ports, prioritization of port battles, development of port battle tactics and ship set-ups, and the communication of information regarding all these things to the Junior Officers in a consistent and efficient fashion, whilst delivering regular reports on the progress of Naval Operations to the Senior Officers.

As a necessary part of these duties the Operations Officer is empowered to co-operate closely with other British societies and their leaders to ensure the Squadron's appropriate contribution to a cohesive national strategy in concert with our allies. However, the Operations Officer is not considered to be the official diplomatic representative of the Squadron; this responsibility lies with the Sea Lords and Senior Officers.


  • Stay in close contact with the Map Coordinators.
  • Pass RvR information to the squadron.
  • Encourage members to get involved with port flipping and defense.
  • Coordinate the squadron's economic unrest efforts.
  • Organize mission groups.