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The current Chief of Naval Personnel is: Sir Alistair Pellew, KB

The Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) is responsible for looking after the Squadron's officers following patronage. Alongside managing promotions, awards, the Squadron roster and the election of the Board of Flag Officers, the CNP also serves as one of the first points of contact for captains who may have any concerns or questions about the Squadron and it’s operations. Generally, the CNP should serve as the liaison between captains and members of the Board of Flag, if members are uncertain which Flag Officer they should contact with any questions.

General Duties

Managing the Roster

The Captains Roster

The CNP is responsible for ensuring the roster remains complete and accurate. This includes ensuring that Captains have the:

  • Correct rank
  • Correct place in the roster (by date of commission within a rank group)
  • Appropriate alt accounts listed
  • Correct medals shown
  • Correct nation flag

In-Game Roster

The in-game roster should accurately represent our member-base in Naval Action. However, the in-game roster and Captains Roster can often fall out of alignment and the CNP should work to ensure they remain in-sync as much as is possible.

The CNP should regularly send a discord message advising the Captains to add any alts they may have to the or to contact a flag officer if they are unsure how to do so.

The CNP should, at least once a fortnight, work through both rosters and confirm they match. If they do not, the CNP should make the appropriate amendments as necessary to either roster.

Promotions and Awards

On the 20th of each month the CNP should create a new post in the Society Council Voting sub-forum. This post should be called Month, Year - Promotions and Awards [NA] for example: September ‘19 - Promotions and Awards [NA]. This post should contain a poll for each recommendation and the quoted recommendations. An example post can be seen here

The CNP should regularly remind officers to nominate their peers for medals and awards. For example, this can be done when announcing the last months awards, after a port battle or important PvP fight, and at other times as the CNP sees fit.

As a general rule of thumb, the less nominations that are being submitted, the more the CNP should remind members.

Running the Vote

Creating the Forum Post

  • Go to the Society Council Voting sub-forum.
  • For each nomination select the 'reply with quote' button as shown below, copy the text (including the quote code) and paste it into the voting post.

Ss nominations.png

Ss nominations1.png

Creating the Poll

  • At the bottom of the forum window select the Icon pollcreation.png tab.
  • Add a 'yes' and a 'no' option for each recommendation, as seen in the image below.
  • Each member should have as many options as there are recommendations (ie, the total number of options divided by 2)
  • The Poll should be set to run for 5 days
  • Members should be allowed to change their vote.

Ss medals poll.png

Once complete send an in-game mail and/or a discord message to the members of the Board of Flag reminding them to vote.

After the Poll's Conclusion

After the poll has finished on the 25th, the CNP should contact the Squadron Commissioner to make the appropriate award and patent letters for those captains who were successfully recommended for an award or promotion.

On the 1st, the Chief of Naval Personnel should adjust the roster to reflect the recent awards and promotions. In order to change the medals a Captain has on the roster, you should increase the number of the appropriate award by 1. To adjust a Captain's rank, simply edit the name of their rank and then cut details and move them to the appropriate rank group, making sure to put them at the bottom of that group.

Once this is done, the CNP would then be required to adjust the rank of a Captain on the forums. See the section on the Admin Control Panel for details on how to do this.

The CNP should then make a forum and discord post announcing the results of the vote. See an example post here.

Admin Control Panel

In order to adjust a Captain's rank or usergroups, you will need to utilise the Admin Control Panel.

  • First, click on 'ACP' on the top left of the forums. You will be required to re-enter your forum password.
  • Under the Quick Access list on the left, select 'manage users'.
  • Type in the name of the member whose rank or usergroups you need to change and then click submit.
  • Under select form, on the right of the page, click on rank or usergroup depending on the need.
  • Change as appropriate.

Forming the Board of Flag

The CNP is responsible for forming the Board of Flag every quarter. Reminders should be sent to all squadron officers are to be sent to the SGS NA Officer's group and/or the Society's Discord at the discretion of the CNP (generally at least 2-4 weeks prior to the end of a quarter). Reminders should include the form to submit an application.

5 days prior to the end of a quarter all posts in the Flag Officer Applications section of the Naval Action forums should be reviewed, and a poll with all interested parties and their desired positions put up in the Board of Flag Voting sub-forums. Upon conclusion of the voting all applications should be archived.

For guidance on creating the poll, see the section on creating the poll and the CNP should take particular care in reviewing the section on forming the Board of Flag for the specific procedure.

Inactivity Checks

The CNP should complete a series of inactivity checks at least once every fortnight. This is an essential part of the CNP's duties, and helps to ensure we maintain an accurate representation of our members in Naval Action.

Compiling the Inactive Captain Report (IR)

  1. Review the in-game roster
  2. Identify, and note down, any Captains who have not logged in for 14 days or more.
  3. Compare the list you have now with the In-Game Roster Backup to ensure there are no discrepancies.
  4. Search on the forums for the Captains you have just listed and check for forum activity within the last 14 days or more.
  5. Identify, and note down, any Captains that have neither logged into game or the forums for 14 days or more.
  6. The list you have now is the complete Inactive Captain Report, and should be posted in the IR thread on the CNP section on the forums.

Sending Inactivity Notices

  1. All Captains listed in the IR should be sent a notice by forum message, warning them of the risk of retirement. A template can be found in the CNP section on the forums.
  2. Captains that fail to log in within 14 days of the notice should be retired. This involves the CNP removing them from the roster and placing them in the Naval Action Retired Captains list.

In-Game Roster Backup (IRB)

It has been reported that the in-game Naval Action roster is not always accurate, it is therefore imperative to ensure we maintain a recording of the in-game roster regularly to ensure we can limit any erroneous inactivity notices.

Every week the CNP should make an accurate recording of the entire list of captains and their last logins, and post it into the IRB thread on the CNP section on the forums.