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Duty Officer

The duty officer is the squadrons “General officer”. Duty officers are expected to be the board of flags eyes and ears in game; to submit an agenda they intend to pursue during their term; and follow through on that agenda. A Duty Officer may hold the position for only one consecutive map at a time. A duty officer will only ever be elected should all other administrative roles hold at least one flag officer.

Current Duty Officer:

Adjutant to the Chief of Naval Operations - Sir William Benbow, KB, MC, RN.

Duty officer manifesto

The Duty officer is a “General” flag officer. The job of the Duty officer is to choose projects they would like to maintain for the squadron; to aid other flag officers in their day to day duties; and to give a position on the board of flag for those individuals who are not administratively inclined.

Duty officers will be allowed to set their own agenda, within reasonable limitations. Duty officers must have an agenda prepared and presented to the board of flag (via their application) prior to their gaining office. Duty officers must submit a weekly report on ingame activity, and are charged with being the board of flags eyes and ears in game and on the sea. Duty officers are also required to include in their weekly report progress on their agenda, any significant in game events, as well as any behavioural disturbances observed in game. Duty Officers do not have any special privileges that other flag officers do not , and in game must still ad hear to the tactical chain of command for decisions.

Should a Duty officer not make acceptable progress on fulfilling his or her agenda or fail to submit their weekly report (within reasonable time constraints), the Duty officer will be subject to investigation and possible removal from the board of flag.

A Duty flag officer will not be allowed to hold chair for more than one consecutive map at a time. Ex. Lord Laurence is a Duty Flag officer for map 23. While reapplying for the position for map 24, he will NOT be allowed to return to the board as a duty officer for this map, and his secondary choice only will be considered. Should Lord Laurence apply for Map 25 however, his primary choice of Duty officer will be accepted and voted upon.

At any time, there will be a maximum of 1 duty officer for every 4 flag members. If there are 5 members on the board of flag, only one will be authorized to be allocated to the duty officer role.

At any time, if there is an administrative position unfilled, applications for duty officer will not be voted in. Any applicant for Duty officer will be polity asked if they would agree to filling the empty office, or their secondary choice, and should they decline, will be awarded no post on the board of flag before all crucial offices have at least one member.