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The squadron prides itself in it uniform appearance. We believe it promotes a spirit of teamwork and unity. Therefore we have a single flag and sail design which is used by all captains. In addition captains may fly their personal flag.

Squadron Flags and Sails should never be given to a non-SGS member.

Squadron Sail

SGS Official Sail Design

The squadron sail has been approved for use in game, and is available from many officers. Just ask in Society chat, most senior officers carry copies of the sail.

Every full member (Esquire or above) should use the design at all times. The design is currently owned by Joseph Fletcher who can produce more copies as required.

The sail should be shown on the square sails only, on natural colour canvas.


Squadron ensign

When sailing captains may fly either the Squadron ensign or if they have one, their personal ensign or the British Nation flag.

Details on how to design, approve and submit a personal flag are available at User Content