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Every captain is expected to create an avatar picture as soon as possible. Promotion to the Rank of Esquire and above requires it!

You can either create the avatar yourself or ask one of the squadrons artists to help you.

The first step in creating an avatar is to take a screen shot of your captain. For best results follow the screen shot guide, How to take a portrait screen shot.

At this stage you can email the screen shot to an artist to complete the avatar. When emailing make sure you send the original image as some email programs will resize the picture and reduce the quality.

The current members has offered their services in creating avatars.

If you are going to create the image yourself use the following guide.

  1. First remove the background from your screen shot. Photoshop and Paintshop Pro have background eraser tools and produce the best results.
  2. Then copy and paste the Background image below into your paint program and resize your captain until you have the desired look. Copy and paste the captain on top of the background to complete the avatar (you may find better results if you copy / paste the captain first then resize)
  3. Finally resize the image to 50% or 100x125px this gives the finished avatar, good for the SGS, FLS and British Council forums, as well as your captains sheet.

Avatar background.png