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SGS Forum Signature

SGS Captains should use the following signature format on the SGS forums.

  • Code
Captain's Name
Any special Positions held (Squadron Secretary, Inspector General, ect.)
Personal Flag, SGS Flag, White Ensign
Captain's quote or personal message

You may also use a signature image as a replacement for your name. The image must be a maximum of 50 pixels high.

  • Example
Joseph Fletcher
Secretary of the Registry
Animated Flag Fletcher.gifAnimated Flag SGS.gifAnimated Flag White.gif
"Engage the enemy more closely" - Signal number 16

SGS Animated Flags

  • Code
Copy and paste the following into your signature to display the Squadron and white ensign.

  • Example
SGS Ensign and British White Ensign
SGS Battle EnsignRoyal Navy White Ensign

FLS Forums Signature

Copy the text below and paste it into your signature on the FLS forums. Replace the text in italics with your Name and Rank

  • Code
Captain's Name
Rank within the Squadron
[url=]'St. George' Squadron of the White[/url]

  • Example
Joseph Fletcher
Sea Lord
St. George Squadron of the White

SGS Forum Avatar

The Squadron Uniform regulations apply to forum avatars as well, with the following exceptions:

  • Once an officer is promoted Viscount or above, he is allowed to use gold trim on his hat. This is optional in the forum avatar, not mandatory.
  • Once an Naval Officer captain is appointed Flag Officer he is entitled to change his forum avatar to use the fore'n'aft bicorne (optional in forum avatar, not mandatory). If the officer later resigns as a Flag Officer, he is allowed to keep his Flag Officer hat in the forum avatar.

The background of the avatar must be the SGS flag.

See this page for instructions on how to create your own avatar. Should you need help to create an avatar for the forums, please post in the Office of Commissions .

  • Example
Here is an example of a forum avatar:
Earl Wilmore Forum Avatar.png