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These are the games currently played by SGS members. We have official SGS guilds in the popular games which you are encouraged to join. These guilds are run under the SGS code of conduct and may have regulation with regard to uniform, group organization and play style. Check the Guild page for detail on how each in game guild is run.

Games with an official SGS guild

Game Server Faction Guild Name Notes
Pirates of the Burning Sea Antigua British St. George Squadron of the White All Classes, All Levels, PvP, PVE, Crafting
Naval Action PVP One EU British St. George Squadron of the White All Ranks, PvP , PvE, Crafting/Econ

Games with an unofficial SGS guild

The guilds in these games are attempting to join the Saint George Society and have not yet passed all requirements to have a seat on the Council.

Game Server Faction Guild Name Notes
Eve - Minmatar Saint George Security Conglomerate Inactive
Star Citizen - - Saint George Squadron

Games played by SGS members but without an official guild

Eve Online

Civilization 4

Rome Total War

Medieval 2 Total War

Empire Total War (via Steam)

Diablo 2

Battlefield 2

Call of Duty 4

Silent Hunter 4

Pirates of the Caribbean online

Star Trek Online

Age of Wonders 3

Elder Scrolls Online