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Captains full name: Geoffrey Theodore Thorp

'Age of joining the Navy: 14

'Current Age: 45

Reason for joining the RN: As expected by his father, long lost Post Captain Theodore Thorpe, Geoffrey joined the Royal Navy as a young Cadet in Mars 1696. This actually against his own will as he in his dreams would become a court musician.

Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Not as bright as his sister Elisabeth, Geoffrey has more of an artistic trait. This showed up soon after getting a violin at his 8th birthday. Though blood and death is part of his working day nowadays, his crew often hears remarkable tones coming out of his cabin late in the evenings, and they do enjoy it. As a leader he is an analythical one that seldom rushes into battle without a well thought plan. He cares for his crew and dislike severe punishment of them. When under command, he is loyal and dutiful.

Captains Quote: Naval officers prefer to make history rather than read it.

Your captains aims and goals: To Serve, to improve,to please and in the meen time have fun.

Friends and Family

Elisabeth Thorpe, his younger sister who has started a carrier as business woman in the Yucatan area.

Record of Achievement

2. January 1722 promoted to Master
9. December 1721 - Enlisted in the squadron


Present Commands

HMS Resolution, 54-guns forth-rate, Macedon-class.

HMS Restless, 44-guns Frigate, Mercy-class.