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Character Information



  • Rank: Casual
  • Captains full name: Captain Georg von der Wense, Royal Navy
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Captain Georg von der Wense's background and information

Background Story

Born in 1779 as the second son to Ernst- August and Amalia von der Wense. Since generations the family owns and manage large forests and ploughland in the northern part in the territory of the House of Hanover. Oak, fir and beech log is the main material exported. Because of the strong link between United Kingdom and the House of Hanover a lot of trade is done via the harbours at the North Sea with London and, for the log, Porthsmouth are the main destinations where the family has offices. At the age of 16 Georg was taken on a journey to Porthsmouth to start his economic education in the local office. Georg was impressed from the beginning when he saw the mighty 1st and 2nd rates. during the next years he made of lot of contacts with navy officers as they have been customers for the logs he sold. His passion became map studies, navigation and naval history by this time. Then, at a rainy, cold November evening in 1796 a fatherly friend and Navy captain asked Georg why not to join him in a journey to the carribeans to set up trading station there. On the journey the navigator passed away and Georg took his position due to his navigation skills ,which by the way being outstanding. When finally arriving in Port Royal he made the decision to stay and start his carrer in the Royal Navy. Even he was already a bit old he grow his knowledge unbeliveable quickly and became captain couple of years later.

Record of Achievement

  • August 2nd 1819 - Admitted as a Casual Member.
  • July 6th 18th 1819 - Joined the St. George Squadron of the White.

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