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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: William Sherrin
  • Captain's Quote: An honorable Peace is and always was my first wish! I can take no delight in the effusion of human Blood; but, if this War should continue, I wish to have the most active part in it.
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Mr. Sherrin lacks confidence but that does not prevent him from action. Having heard stories of the mutiny during Vice Admiral Benbow's chase, he does not want to let this 'hesitation' be seen as cowardice. His father also always said 'A poor choice is better than no choice at all.' Then again, William never did quite understand those words. He feels if you attend to the matter at hand, you'll never have to worry about the choice. Loading cannon without swabbing first would definitely result in a disabled gun crew. That would never do. What is a ship but a thing to carry the guns?

Navigation was never William's strong point which is why he did not pass his first Lieutenant's examination. His letter of recommendation to the board did note that his gun crews did deliver three accurate rounds in five minutes quite regularly. 'Shoulda stayed with the guns' he's been known to mumble to himself. William is famous for a shot from his favorite long 9, 'Betty'. Ask him about it sometime.

  • Captain William Sherrin's aims and goals: Discovery, what lies beyond yon horizon?
  • William Sherrin's friends and family: George Sherrin, Boss Higgins, Stephen Higgins, John Kent, Robert Sherrin
  • [ Captain's Log]

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Captain William Sherrin's background and information

Early Life

1 Aug 1694 Born at Charles Town, 1694 in the Carolina colony, the only surviving son of his father Robert, a very successful merchant (after paying off his indenture) and his mother, Jane, a cooper's daughter. 14 Jan 1709 Accepted as a Midshipman aboard the 3rd rate HMS Breda then sailing from Port Royal. Father is not pleased. 22 October 1716 Passed examination for Lieutenant on the second try and was assigned 6th Lieutenant aboard the HMS Breda. 11 August 1718 During the Battle of Cape Passaro while serving as 5th Lieutenant aboard the HMS Breda, he received a wood splinter in the left leg. He suspects a chunk of that damnable ship remains with him. Of course, he's looking forward to his portion of the prize for the Principe de Asturias. May the Prize court judge most favourably. 4 September 1718 Captain Harris has him assigned as 1st Lieutenant, HMS Dolphin, a ketch returning to England, due to his wound. 25 February 1719 Promoted to Master and Commander of His Majesty's Sloop Endeavour and charged with running dispatches to the Mediterranean. Spends almost a year there, doing in his mind, absolutely nothing. 8 January 1720 Returns to Portsmouth and is awaiting further assignment hoping for a return to the West Indies.

Military Career

Naval Action

What date are we? - George Sherrin assumes commander of his first ship, HMS Greyhound, at Jamaica Station.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

March 15th 1721 - Elected as Chairman, the Navy Board
March 2nd 1721 - Promotion to Viscount and Senior Officer
December 1st 1720 - Promotion to Baron
September 2008 - Long service ribbon - Awarded on completion of 1 years meritorious service.

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Naval Action

Active Command

Pirates of the Burning Sea

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