HMS Alexander 64

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The Alexander opening fire on enemy 2nd Rate with HMS Neptune.

H.M.S. Alexander:

Rating: 4th-rate

Class: Agamemnon

Date of Commission: September 1st, 1819

Guns: 64

Crew: 380

Status: On the Xpu Ha Station


The Alexander was built by Captain William Dawnton in Truxillo, she was commissioned to Captain Nicholas Ramage on September 1st, 1819, on Admiralty orders to sail and patrol the Guatemalan Coast to protect the shipping of His Majesty, Captain Ramage was also ordered to sink, capture, or burn any enemy vessel he comes upon. The Alexander while on her Maiden Patrol sailed in consort with Commodore William Benbow and the HMS Neptune and engaged an enemy 2nd Rate sinking her, while engaging the enemy HMS Alexander to handle rather well and Commodore Benbow praised "Her sailing and fighting qualities as well as the fighting spirit of her crew." In October 1819 Captain Ramage pulled the Alexander into Xpu Ha to upgrade her Armament. She was also assigned a new Marine detachment under Marine Captain Renick.

HMS Alexander being Refit

British Captains:

1819-present: Captain Nicholas Ramage

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1819