HMS Boadicea

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HMS Boadicea while under the command of Captain James Wilmore, before being refitted.

HMS Boadicea

Rating: 5th rate.

Class: Heavy Hercules-class frigate.

Date of Commission: May, 1720.

Current captain: William Pole.

Previous captains: James Wilmore.

Guns: 40.

Crew: 305.

Status: In active service.

Notable Action

  • May, 1720: Flagship in a battle against twelve French ships of the line and frigates. Of the six attacking English ships only one sunk, and as Commodore Wilmore lead the British to a glorious victory France lost two second-rate ships of the line and ten frigates that day.
  • March 9th, 1721: Flagship in a group of two British frigates to intercept and defeat a merchant fleet of six larger French merchantmen and frigates. Against the odds of being outnumbered three to one and vastly outgunned, the bold British captains James Wilmore and James Castor outsmarted their enemies and won the battle. See the complete battle report for more information.
  • April 4th, 1721: Participated in a fleet of ships from St.George Squadron of the White hunting pirates outside Turtling Bay. Among several encounters, the HMS Boadicea was boarded and plundered. Captain Wilmore escaped and returned later to the pirate hunt.