HMS Bucephalus 38

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The Bucephalus on her sea trials off Puerto Escondido.

H.M.S. Bucephalus:

Rating: 5th-rate

Class: Surprise

Date of Commission: August 21st, 1819

Guns: 38

Crew: 220

Status: On the Puerto Escondido Station.


The Bucephalus was commissioned to Captain Nicholas Ramage on August 21st, 1819. Captain Ramage was expressly ordered to cruise the sea lanes along the Windward Passage, there to intercept enemy warships and hired vessels. She is currently off of Puerto Escondido training her new crew. She was sunk in action the next day on her maiden patrol.

The Bucephalus sinking with her flags still waving.

British Captains:

1819: Captain Nicholas Ramage

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1819
Thursday, August 22, S of Puerto Escondido, course SSE, hands employed trimming sails in consort with two other British Captains the Bucephalus was set upon by 5 enemy vessels (2 Ship of the lines, 3 frigates) broadside after broadside was poured into the Bucephalus tearing the ships apart, the entire time the crew stayed at their posts gallantly firing at the enemy, about 5 minutes into the engagement the Bucephalus started to take on water rapidly, after 2 minutes of trying to keep up with the pumps Captain Rampage ordered to abandon ship, the Bucephalus went down with her flags flying and her crew including the Captain who was the last of her were picked up by a fellow British Captain and was taken into port.