HMS Duke William

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HMS Duke William in all her aging glory

H.M.S. Duke William

Rating: 1st-rate

Class: Prince-Class Ship of the Line

Date of Commission: October 29th, 1731

Shipyard: Chatham, 1691

Guns: 100

Crew: 800

Status: In Reserve.


HMS Duke William was first commissioned in 1691 at Chatham Dockyards in Britain, during the prime of her life she was everything that represented Britain's naval power. She was never a fast or maneuverable ship but she was powerful. She spent the first 3 decades of her life patrolling off France, by the time Captain Alexander Ramage received commandof her, she was a 40 year old vessel that was showing her age. Due to her age she was not able to keep up with the newer and faster ships of the St. George Squadron, so she was mainly kept in port while Captain Ramage used his smaller ship the 64 gunned "Lion" Class Third Rate HMS Renown. On November 5th, 1731 she was placed in reserve after Captain Ramage received command of the brand new 92 gunned "Trinity" Class Second Rate HMS Balmoral. She is currently acting as a receiving ship in Port Royal.


British Captains:

1731-Present: Captain Alexander Ramage

Port Battle History

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result