HMS Eisenhorn 50

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H.M.S. Eisenhorn

Rating: 5th-rate

Class: Trincomalee

Date of Commission:

Guns: 50

Crew: 332

Status: Off the shores of Honduras.


The HMS Eisenhorn was put under the command of Captain von Ravensburg shortly after his latest promotion. Soon the ship became the title of the "Unlucky", the ship already suffered slightly when moving into the Carribean moving through a devastating storm which destroyed much of the rigging. Then after being put under the command of von Ravensburg the ship got the order to move out patrolling around the isle and port of Bonacco to inform the base of Truxillo of enemy movements and intercept such if possible. While hunting a light frigate the Eisenhorn moved into a squadron of Danish frigates. Outnumbered and outgunned von Ravensburg fought against the superior enemy knowing that defeat was almost certain. The battle seemed already lost when an allied ship of the line appeared and the Danish retreated. The Eisenhorn was once again heavily damaged, only the masterpiece of work which the carpenter delivered to repair the ship saved it from being abandoned. The second time in the dock in Truxillo took even longer and now the ship is ready again, awaiting new orders.

British Captains

1816-present: Captain Cornelius von Ravensburg

Excerpts from the Logbook

  • 1816, January 21st Dawn at four bells morning watch. Clear Sky, Master Mate Matthews repeats his statement of a heavy storm incoming. Six bells forenoon watch, wind is brushing up, cloads at the horizon, sea is becoming more restless. Seven bells forenoon watch, wind turned into a gale, dark and massive clouds coming towards us, swell very rough.
  • 1816

Port Battle History

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result