HMS Emerald

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HMS Emerald on patrol off Jamaica

H.M.S. Emerald

Rating: Fourth rate

Class: Poseidon Fourth Rate Ship of the Line

Date of Current Commission: August 17, 1732

Shipyard: Devonport Royal Dockyard, 11 May 1730.

Guns: 60

Crew: 575

Status: Stationed out of Port Royal


HMS Emerald was originally launched in May of 1729 and was solely built for Pirate Hunting, she was put under the command of Captain Alexander Ramage to take care of the pirate infestation that has taken hold around the island of Jamaica. She is currently patrolling and has a number of sunken pirate ships under her belt.

Notable Actions

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Notes

British Captains:

1732-Present: Captain Alexander Ramage

Port Battle History