HMS Hephaestion 34

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The Hephaestion exercising manoeuvres on her sea trials off Puerto Escondido.

H.M.S. Hephaestion:

Rating: 5th-rate

Class: Hercules

Date of Commission: August 17th, 1819

Guns: 34

Crew: 160

Status: On the Puerto Escondido Station.

The Hephaestion attacking her first prize off of Jeremie.


The Hephaestion was commissioned to Captain Nicholas Ramage on August 17th, 1819. Captain Ramage was expressly ordered to cruise the sea lanes along the Windward Passage, there to intercept enemy warships and hired vessels. She took part in an engagement off of Jeremie with Captain Ramage on her sea trials sinking a Le Gros Ventre in consort with Captain Archibald McCallum. She is currently off of Puerto Escondido training her new crew.

British Captains:

1819-present: Captain Nicholas Ramage

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1819
Sunday, August 18, NNW of Jeremie, course SSE, hands employed trimming sails in consort with Captain Archibald McCallum. At 1400PM observed Dutch 'Le Gros Ventre' to SE bearing NNW, closed to range. The enemy vessel surrendered and was carried, her people were allowed the use of her boats, and she was scuttled soon after.
Sunday, August 18, N of Nippes, course SSE, hands employed in sailing drills in consort with Commodore John Page and Captain James Barton. At 2100hrs observed Russian Hercules attacking a Dutch Merchantman, the squadron closed in and attacked hitting her rigging to slow her down. The enemy vessel was in distress with her rigging badly damaged and after a couple more broadsides from the squadron she started slipping below the waves, her people were taken off her before she went down and were taken as Prisoners to the nearest British Port.