HMS Jester 18

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Patrolling off Jamaica

H.M.S. Jester:

Rating: 6th Rate

Class: Rattlesnake

Date of Commission: August 14, 1819

Guns: 18

Crew: 120

Status: Active


Newly commissioned the Jester is expected to have great potential and so far is on active service patrolling and protecting Great Britain.

British Captains:

1819-present: Captain Nicholas Ramage

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1819
Sunday, August 18, S of Kingston Port Royale, course SSE, hands employed in Sailing drills. At 1930hrs observed American 'Navy Brig' to SE bearing N, closed to range and engaged broadside to broadside. The enemy vessel surrendered after a gallant fight, her people were taken as prisoners and her officers paroled, the captured vessel was bought into His Majesty's service to fight on under British colors.

Port Battle History: