HMS Knight 50

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Rating: 4th Rate

Class: Leopard

Date of Commission: 3rd July 1821

Guns: 56

Crew: 400

Status: At Sea



Copper Plating Swing bed and elevating screws British Gunners Congreve's Sights
Art of Cargo Distribution Reloading

British Captains:

1821-present: Captain Lady Dearthington

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1821
08:00 July 03, 1821: Launched from dockyards at Port Royal
08:00 July 04, 1821: Ship outfitting complete and crew aboard
21:04 July 05, 1821: Left Port Royal for shakedown cruise with wind and tide in favor
18:09 July 22, 1821: Shakedown cruise completed and reported to Key West for stationing
09:37 July 28, 1821: Engaged French Frigate (Essex Class) outside Muriel, La Habana Cuba. Enemy stuck colours at 09:57

Port Battle History:

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result
(Port) (Date) (Attack/Defense) (Enemy) (Defeat/Victory)