HMS Lively

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Rating: 5th rate

Class: Stralsund-class fifth-rate frigate

Launched: March, 1720

Status: Purchased out of the service and now protecting shipping in the Yucatan as HMHV Lively.


Total Guns: 30

Topdeck: 8 x 4-lbs

Gundeck: 20 x 10-lbs

Stern Chasers: 2 x 12-lbs

Broadside Weight: 116lbs

Crew: 260


Current Captain: James Lupus since August 24th, 1721

Previous Captains:

March, 1720 - August, 1721: James Wilmore

Ship History

The Lively first served under the Royal Navy Captain Captain Wilmore during the early stages of his career. As Captain Wilmore moved on to other commands the Lively was purchased out of service by the merchant James Lupus, who now uses her to protect his shipping interests in the Yucatan.