HMS Nimbus

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HMS Nimbus


Rating: 5th rate

Class: Stralsund Mastercraft-class fifth-rate frigate

Shipyard: Quilliam's Yard

Launched: March 11th, 1720

Status: In drydock.


Total Guns: 32

Topdeck: 10 x 6lbs

Gundeck: 22 x 11lbs

Stern Chasers: 2 x 12lbs

Broadside Weight: 151lbs

Crew: 270


Current Captain: -

Previous Captains:

July 29th, 1721 - January 4th, 1722: Merchant Captain Von Waldeck

March 11th, 1720 - June 7th, 1721: Captain Collister

Notable Actions

April 4th, 1720: Defeated pirate Arwell Van Helsen, of the Confraternita delle Lame society, off the coast of Irish Point.

Ship History

The Nimbus was launched March 11th, 1720. She built at Quilliam's yard and given to Captain Collister. She possesses an excellent mix of speed, manoeuvrability, firepower and resilience. A joy to sail and a truly enjoyable experience to command in battle, she can fill a variety of rolls ranging from a scout ship to support ship in fleet actions or sole cruiser in patrols.

She was ordered from, and constructed in, the Quilliam Yard. Consequently Will Collister was her first Captain, having spent much time at the yard overseeing her construction and discussing her build with Mr. Quilliam. Captain Collister served aboard her for many months taking full advantage of her versatile build cruising the waters of the Caribbean and engaging vessels of much heavier class than the Nimbus herself. However, she soon had to give way to more powerful frigates as Captain Collister's duties began to take the shape of major fleet engagements and port battles. Consequently, she was laid up in drydock awaiting a new Captain in June, 1721.

After laying there for about two month for reparation and a new coat of paint the HMS Nimbus was hired by the Merchant Von Waldeck to serve as a guard ship for his trade route along the Yucatan coast. As Von Waldeck's business came to closure in the Caribbean, the Nimbus was returned to the drydocks.