HMS Northumberland

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HMS Northumberland

HMS Northumberland

Rating: 3rd rate.

Class: Wenden-class ship of the line.

Date of Commission: October 15th 1721.

Current captain: James Wilmore.

Guns: 72.

Crew: 650.

Status: In active service.

Notable Action

  • November 13th, 1721: Captain Sir James Wilmore took command over HMS Northumberland and participated in the battle for Belize. The Spanish was terrified for the British fleet, and the few defenders sought refuge in the fortress. However, when the British ships came in, the Spaniards surrendered. The lone last Spaniard was executed by the British captains. This battle have also become known as The Execution of Belize.
  • January 25th, 1722: The HMS Northumberland, 72, under the command of Commodore James Wilmore engaged and defeated three pirate vessels outside Orleans. Captain Davis Cole in his frigate did also take part in the action, under Wilmore's command.
  • February 5th, 1722: Captain Wilmore participated in the defence of Jaqueme, captaining the HMS Northumberland, 72. He was part of a fleet of twenty four British frigates and rates, together with Captain Naseby and two other captains from the St.George Squadron of the White. The battle went ill, and the French recaptured Jaqueme. They sunk or defeated most of the British fleet. The HMS Northumberland was so badly mauled she had to take a long stay at the yards in Port Royal afterwards. Captain Wilmore was wounded in his left shoulder, by a musket shot. It was no serious wound, however, and he quickly recovered.
  • April 8th, 1722: The HMS Northumberland, 72, under the commanc of Lord Wilmore, took part in the assault on Cayo de Marquis on April 8th 1722. Too long have the French had their strong foothold in the Bahamas. The British fleet consisted of twenty four ships, and among them where several 1st rates, and many captains from the St.George Squadron of the White. The outcome was a tremendous victory for Britain, as only two British ships were sunk to more than fifteen French. The port was successfully captured for Britain and a new governor was installed. (Read the full report.) Long live King George!
  • February 9th, 1724: Lord Wilmore in his HMS Northumberland, 72, confronted eight French warships outside Turtling Bay. After some time with good British seamanship and gunnery, the French were defeated; seven frigates and one 4th rate.

Port Battle History

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result
Belize November 14th 1721 Assault Spain Victory
Jaqueme February 5th 1722 Defence France Defeat
Cayo de Marquis April 8th 1722 Assault France Victory