HMS Paladin 62

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Rating: 4th Rate

Class: Rattvisan

Date of Commission: 3rd August 1816

Guns: 60

Crew: 490

Status: At Sea


Originally built as an Ingermanland class 4th Rate. Due to poor performance in speed trails and lack of maneuverability Ingermanland was renamed and assigned garrison duties. January 21st, 1817 the name Paladin was giving to a captured Endymion class 5th Rate.


Copper Plating Improve Magazine Access Optimized Rudder
Extra Hammocks Powder Monkeys Rum Rations Pellew Sights Marines

British Captains:

1816-present: Captain Lady Dearthington

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1817
20:51 February 22, 1817: Evaded French 3 ship patrol outside Vieux-Fort
20:59 February 22, 1817: Observed French Constitution and Bellona fleets north of Castries
21:04 February 22, 1817: Observed two (2) Belle Poule's [Player] engaging a pirate fleet east of La Moussette
21:09 February 22, 1817: Joined with Enouch Aubry on patrol
21:20 February 22, 1817: Engaged French Frigate outside Fort Royal, Quickly reinforced by two other Frigates. Facing numerically superior numbers withdrew from the battle.
14:03 August 04, 2021: Lorgane Patrol: Engaged French Trader. Trader stuck colors at 14:10.
7 units of Iberian Dried Pork, 7 units of Spanish Almonds sold at La Navesse for prize
14:45 August 04, 2021: Leogane Patrol: Russian Le Gros Ventre. Surrendered at 14:57
5 units Cuban Tobacco, 7 Units Spanish Dried Fruits, 1296 Doubloons. Trade goods sold for prize and Doubloons retained in ships coffers.
15:50 August 04, 2021: Leogane Patrol: Engaged French Frigate (Indefatigable class). The enemy struck colors 16:20. Set sail for Le Navesse for refit and repair.

Port Battle History:

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result
(Port) (Date) (Attack/Defense) (Enemy) (Defeat/Victory)