HMS Phoenix

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HMS Phoenix


Rating: 5th-rate Frigate

Class: Gallant-class

Shipyard: Port Royal, Jamaica

Launched: March 2, 1723

Status: Active duty with the Royal Caribbean fleet


Total Guns: 48

Topdeck: 16 x 8lbs

Gundeck: 24 x 18lbs

Bow Chasers: 2 x 8lbs

Broadside Weight: 280lbs

Crew: 350


Current Captain: CDR Elliott Drake, Esquire

Previous Captains:

Notable Actions

Currently on anti-piracy patrol duty

Ship History

In response to increased threats from the Spanish, French, and Dutch expansion in the Caribbean, the Royal Admiralty instituted a naval upgrade program to its assets in the region. The HMS Phoenix was one of the new, 5th-rate frigates that joined His Royal Majesty's Navy in March of 1723 and currently serves in anti-piracy operations out of Port Royal.