HMS Redoubtable

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Rating: Third Rate

Class: Wenden-class Ship of the Line

Date of Commission: August 23rd, 1721

Shipyard: Sullivan Shipyards

Captain: James Sullivan

Guns Topdeck: 24x7lb

Guns Upperdeck: 24x12lb

Guns Gundeck: 24x24lb

Crew: 650

Status: On Active Duty


HMS Redoubtable and HMS Blenheim were comissioned as part of a national response to an increase in pirate aggression towards British interests in the Caribbean. Previous attempts to counter this were proven to be very costly, with sevral first and second rates lost in action. The idea was that third rates would be less expensive and more manouverable to counter pirate frigates. This reponse did however, not give the desired result. In her very first port battle facing a pirate assult, HMS Redoubtable were boarded and nearly lost to the enemy boarding party.

The maiden voyage and engagement of HMS Blenheim were more fortunate. During the voyage from Turtling Bay to Port Ryoal to start her trials, she and her escorts HMS Redoubtable and HMHV Sabre were engaged by a spanish contigent consisting of 7 heavy frigates and a 4th rate. Not fully outfitted and with unexperienced crew, HMS Blenheim were separated from her escorts and engaged by the 4th rate and a single frigate. After a period of ferocious fighting the enemy fourth rate were badly damaged and had her main mast destroyed. Unable to manouver her guns into fireing arcs, she soon struck her colours while the accompanying frigate disengaged. HMS Redoubtable and HMHV Sabre in the mean time kept the remaining frigates at bay with their heavier guns and experienced crew, and the rest of the enemy fleet eventually disengaged with only minor damage. Due to the damage sustained by all ships and in particular HMS Blenheim, the enemy fourth rate were left behind to her own fate and all haste were made to reach Port Royal as soon as possible.

Aftere these initial fights both ships has seen numorous engagements. As a favorite ship of both James and Joseph Sullivan, they have been extensively modified by the shipyard in order to function as a spearhead in any fleet composition. Numerous enemy ships has been sunk or taken prize, and vage rumours from sources within the Admirality say they are to be recalled to Britain to parttake in a planned offense in Europe.

Notable action

  • February 27th, 1724: HMS Redoubtable joined Commodore Lord Wilmore in his HMS Britannia who lead a fleet consisting of Viscount Gabriel Laurence in a Wenden-class 3rd rate, Captain Mort Wilkes in a Lexington brig, and Captain Thomas Blood in a Deliverence-class 5th rate frigate patrolling in Guyana. Many French, Spanish and Pirate ships were sunk or captured, among them many 2nd and 3rd rates and trade galleons. The HMS Britannia was also boarded by a bold French captain, but Lord Wilmore repelled the attack and the French captains 3rd rate was sunk.

Port Battle History - Archive prior to May 1722 lost in the Great Fire of St. Johns on the 3rd of May 1722

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