HMS Resolve 30

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The Resolve exercising manoeuvres off Puerto Escondido.

H.M.S. Resolve:

Rating: 5th-rate

Class: Hercules

Date of Commission: June 28th, 1819

Guns: 30

Crew: 205

Status: On the Puerto Escondido Station.

The Resolve watering west of the the Windward Passage.


The Resolve was commissioned to Lord Nathaniel Blatchford on June 28th, 1819. Captain Blatchford was expressly ordered to cruise the sea lanes along the Windward Passage, there to intercept and sink or carry foreign warships and hired vessels. She took part in an engagement as part of a squadron of six frigates on June 28, defeating a Russian squadron of five frigates and a xebec. The following weeks were spent exercising her crew in manoeuvres, ship handling and gunnery, to prepare her for future independent cruises.

British Captains:

1819-present: Captain the Lord Stafford

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1819
Thursday, July 18, SSW of San Lazaro, course WSW, hands employed trimming sails. At 10 observed Prussian 'Trader Brig' to NW bearing SSW, closed to range. The enemy was boarded and carried, her people were allowed the use of her boats, and she was scuttled soon after.
Monday, July 8, N of Bahía Honda, course ENE, hands employed about the ship. At 10 observed Spanish 'Trader Brig' to NE bearing S, gave chase. The enemy was swiftly boarded and carried, and after securing choise parts of her cargo she was scuttled.
Friday, June 28, SW of Saint-Nicolas in concert with 'Hurricane', 'Endeavour' and 'Perseus', course S, hands employed worming the cable. At 9 observed two Russian Hercules in engagement with a British Bellona to S, closed to engage. The enemy was later reinforced by three Russian frigates and a xebec. Of the initial six, five enemy ships were sunk and one escaped.