HMS Resolve 38

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H.M.S. Resolve at anchor off Jamaica.
The stern of the Resolve.

H.M.S. Resolve:

Rating: 5th-rate

Class: Frigate

Date of Commission: March 25th, 1816

Guns: 38

Crew: 280

Status: At sea.


The Resolve was commissioned to Lord Nathaniel Blatchford on march 25th, 1816. Captain Blatchford was expressly ordered to cruise the sea lanes between Jamaica and the shores of Honduras, there to intercept and sink or carry foreign warships and hired vessels.

British Captains:

1816-present: Captain the Lord Trentham

Excerpts from the Logbook:

  • 1816
Monday, March 28, N of St. Anne's, course W, hands employed worming the cable. 1/4 past 4 observed French Surprise to N, gave chase. French frigate disengaged to W after receiving extensive damage to hull.
Friday, April 1, N of Pedro Cay, course ESE, hands variously employed. 1/2 past 8 observed pirate Frigate bearing E, gave chase. At 1/4 to 9 joined by 4 British 5th-rate frigates, at 9 the pirate was sunk. Suriviors collected and put in irons.
Sunday, April 4, off the coast of eastern Jamaica, course NNW, hands variously employed. 1/2 past 7 observed pirate Renommee to NE, bore up and engaged. Pirate disengaged E after recieving extensive damage to hull.
Saturday, April 16, NW of Old Providence, course SE, hands variously employed. At 6 observed Danish Essex to S, bore up and engaged. Was obliged to disengage after several exchanges of broadsides due to superior Danish gunnery.

Port Battle History:

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result